Bioshock Infinite Rules the Gaming World

Nick Lovett
Online Editor

Photo Credit: Bioshock Infinite Facebook Page

Last March, Bioshock Infinite was released and it became one of the most popular games on the market. The game is visually awe-inspiring, has amazing character development, and has a story that, if it were a movie, would definitely be nominated for “Best Original Screenplay.”

Being the poor college student that I am, I was not able to play the game until this past winter break, but I did and my mind was blown within three marathon sittings. I know some of you will say, “But Nick, you idiot, you were definitely not that poor because you bought and reviewed other games!”

And that is true, nitpicky reader, but Bioshock isn’t a game that you pick up and put down; you have to be dedicated to finish it. You have to make sure you play the game in the least amount of sittings so you retain all the little things that happen. That being said, Bioshock Infinite claimed the crown as my favorite game of all time.

Now, this review is going to be in two parts with a preview at the end. I’m going to touch a little on the main game, on Burial at Sea Episode One, then on Burial at Sea Episode Two.

So without further ado, let’s start this bad boy.

Main Game:

Bioshock Infinite is the story of private detective Booker DeWitt and his journey to the floating city of Columbia to bring a mysterious girl, Elizabeth, back to New York City with him. Columbia is run by a “crazed man” named Zachary Hale Comstock, who looks like Hershel from The Walking Dead.

The tagline of the game is “Bring Us the Girl, Wipe Away the Debt” and that is exactly what you, as the player, are tasked to do. Once you get into Columbia though, you realize that it’s not a paradise but actually has a lot of stuff wrong with it (morally, mostly). Does that sound like a certain underwater city?

Anyway, the game-play is a lot like the other Bioshock games. You have guns and powers. You can control the guns with the right shoulder buttons and the powers on the left. The only differences coming in the forms of being able to use a power and a gun at the same time and only being able to carry two guns and two powers at the same time.

During the game, after you free Elizabeth from captivity, Elizabeth will follow you around and help you out by tossing you ammo and health that she finds around your current battlefield. She can also open up “tears,” which are basically objects from alternate universes that she can bring into the current universe (trippy, right?).

If you’ve played the other Bioshock games, you probably are going into this game or went into this game expecting some sort of twist; I know I was. The thing is, even if you are looking for the twist, when it happens, you will still be throttled by it. I was pretty much numb after the twist. It literally took my breath away. Bravo to the team at 2K Interactive for that story. This game seriously had the best character development and story of a game I have ever played (sorry GTA V).

I know I didn’t go into a lot of detail about the main story of the game, but that’s because I don’t want to give out any details if you haven’t played it. If you have played it, you know what I’m talking about.

Score – 10 out of 10

Burial at Sea Episode One:

Burial at Sea Episode One is the first of two story DLCs (Downloadable Content) for Bioshock Infinite. This DLC has you traveling down to the city of Rapture to look for a girl, again. And again, you play as Booker DeWitt and the girl leading you is named Elizabeth, though she is much darker in this installment.

Rapture, in this episode, is still functioning and it is awesome to see what the city looked like before it fell. While walking on the different streets, you can see some of the famous landmarks from the first game and even see some characters that you run into in the first game.

The DLC starts out with little combat, but when the combat does pick up, it is intense and just as difficult as the original Bioshock. Like the original, there are basically no items to help you out. You have to be very careful about how much ammo you use and how much energy you expel. Even with Elizabeth with you, she can’t throw you as many helpful items because they just aren’t around.

I died, I think, four times total in the entire Bioshock Infinite campaign but died that many and then some in the DLC.

The story in this shot DLC is also much better than most games have so enjoy it, because it’s awesome.

Score – 8 out of 10

Burial at Sea Episode Two:

This episode takes place directly after the events at the end of the first episode; the main difference in this one is you actually play as Elizabeth. This will make the gameplay a lot different as you are actually able to control the girl who can jump through dimensions. Based on the preview video of it, some key players in the Rapture universe will be in this episode, and by the dates the DLCs take place on, one certain, altering event is about to happen. It also seems that Elizabeth will play a role in that event, a big role at that.

This DLC is set to drop on March 25, so you know where I’ll be then.


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