Musician Rachel Brown Rocks Sti-Yu-Ka

Kristen Linnartz
Staff Writer





A unique artist, Rachel Brown, brought her ukulele and guitar as well as her talent and exceptional voice to the Union Wednesday night when she performed as part of the Sti-Yu-Ka events this week.

Brown brought a genre that might be classified somewhere along the lines of someone like Sara Bareilles (who sings the hit song “Brave”), but had a sound that the iTunes top of the charts hasn’t seen. Brown’s music mixes a little bit of country and Caribbean with a little bit of hip-hop to create a sound that captivated her audience.

Inspiration for Brown’s delivery may have been from her roots in Ethiopia, Bermuda and the South, or could have been from her upbringing in New York City. She started writing songs when she was 19-years-old, when she also learned how to play guitar on her own. 

Not only is Brown a highly talented singer, but she also has the brain, graduating from Harvard as one of the 15 most interesting seniors in 2010.

From her soundcheck to her finish, she had a beautiful tone and from the second she sang into the microphone she captured everyone’s attention. On top of having a sweet voice, she is also a genuinely sweet person due to the smile that swept across her face and didn’t leave once during the performance and her interactions with the audience.

One thing that stood out in her voice was her ability to sing in falsetto; her transitions into that state were so smooth. 

People in the crowd were bobbing their heads while doing their work or conversing with their friends; they couldn’t turn their attention away from Brown.

Brown sang a song that she wrote about one of her heritages, Bermuda, and about her appreciation of where she comes from. 

A round of applause was in order after that song as well as every other song that Brown shared with the crowd.

Her rendition of “Ignition” by R. Kelly seemed to be everyone’s favorite, and she nailed it. 

A classic throwback brought to life by Brown, she made it her own with a soft and calm tone mixed in with a fun and upbeat attitude to make her performance so unique.

Rachel Brown’s solo performance with the help of her ukulele and guitar was definitely something Springfield College hasn’t seen before, and contributed to making Sti-Yu-Ka this year a rocking good time.


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