Love, Sex, and No Relationships~ Love Thy Selfie

Jackie Imondi
Contributing Writer/Copy Editor




LSNRI work as a writing tutor in the Academic Success Center, and just last week, a freshman asked me to edit in an essay for her college writing class. In her essay, she talked about how today’s generation of teens and young adults are “self-absorbed” and conceited. The proof of this is in the selfies we take.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I love when my good friends post selfies on social media. It means that my friend had a moment of feeling really great about herself and decided to share it with her followers (I’m defaulting to the female pronouns because most of my friends are women. So, relax, boys).

Selfies are important. They mean that we like the way we look. And even if that instance of great self-confidence lasted only for a fleeting moment, and that bravery only lasted as long as it took to post the photo – which can be a while on this campus’ wifi – it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you looked awesome today and you wanted everyone else to see it. That is what’s important and I love it.

The problem with selfies comes when we fear that not enough people will “like” our posts. I’m going to tell you something, and I want you to remember it forever. Ready? Here it comes: Your worth is not measured in the amount of “likes” on an Instagram post.

Who cares who likes your post? There are some things in life that should be competitions, but getting the most likes on a selfie in an hour is not one of them. So stop stressing about it. If you like the way you look in a photo, then post it. You like your outfit today? Share it on Facebook for those who could not be lucky enough to see it in person. Just do it, and don’t regret it.

You’re beautiful and you’re handsome. You should always remember that. Stop stressing about which filter makes you look less pale or distracts from the blemishes on your face. We’re all human with flaws, and if you’re looking at the posts of celebrities online and feeling down on yourself because you don’t look like that, please stop. Celebrities literally hire people to make sure they look flawless at all times. You, most likely, don’t, so it’s not even fair that you would compare like that.

Be your own #WomanCrushWednesday or #ManCrushMonday and love thy selfie.


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