Boots and Vest Season

Taylor Hassa
Layout/Social Media Editor




fashionFall is by far the most difficult season to dress for. The temperature changes from day to day with no rhyme or reason, leaving us either too hot or too cold in our clothes.

Although this time of year poses a challenge for dressing, it is also the time of year when the cutest clothes get to emerge from the depths of your closet.

For example, fall is known for vests. With a long sleeve shirt or sweater underneath, they are super stylish. Some vests seem pretty thin and unable to keep you warm, but there are some that are made much thicker.

Where can you find the best vests for fall? Well, the best are the ones that are lined with fur. They are super cozy and warm even if you only have something thin underneath.

Costco carries both thick and thin vests this time of year. They come in all different colors too, so you can switch it up from time to time.

Another place that sells vests is the Gap. The Gap is a little more expensive, but they sell the matching gloves and hats that make the look irresistible.

The Gap vests also have hoods on them that can be zipped on and off. This makes these vests even more appealing because the hoods are all fluffy and warm. My Gap vest is like a down comforter and it keeps me warm even on colder fall days.

Now that you know where to score a cute vest, you need great boots to go along with it.

Fall is the season everyone breaks out his or her boots. Uggs, Timberlands, combat boots, and even fancier riding boots.

For the girls, riding boots, or boots that come to the knee, are really popular in the fall. Tucking your jeans into boots keeps you nice and warm, and boots and a vest look great together.

The best places to find boots you love are DSW and Aldo, and if you shop Delia’s online, you can find some exceedingly nice boots for a steal if you are on a budget.

The fall is your time to play around with different styles of boots, vests and even sweaters. It is hard not to look great in the fall when you have all these cool, fashionable options.


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