Joyce Cain: The Master of the Springfield College Mailroom

Kristen Linnartz
Staff Writer




Photo Courtesy: Pat Kenney
Photo Courtesy: Pat Kenney

There is something about the anticipation of opening your mailbox and finding a letter inside of it. The feeling of opening that box, though, and finding a yellow slip triggers an even better feeling.

That yellow slip signifies that you have received a package. Whether it is a book you ordered online or your grandmother sending you cookies, it’s always an exciting feeling knowing you have a package waiting just for you.

As you walk over to the basement of Locklin, at probably a bit of a quicker pace than usual, it’s like you can’t get there soon enough.

When you finally arrive, you will be greeted by the one and only Joyce Cain, the ruler of Springfield’s mailroom.

You have probably met her if you’ve ever gotten a package or sent a letter or even as much as bought a stamp on campus.

Cain arrives at the mailroom around 7 a.m. and doesn’t leave until around 4 p.m. She sorts the mail for students, faculty, and staff. She hires students to deliver the mail and she works with UPS, FedEx, and US Mail.

“We scan the bar code so every package is accounted for in our computer system and we create a package slip that gets put in the mailbox by the student,” says Cain. 

Cain has worked at the Springfield College mailroom for 15 years; she also worked at the Smith and Wesson mailroom previously.

She is here through intersession, and only takes around 2 weeks off a year.

During intersession she also has 2 students that live close by working with her to keep up with the mail that arrives during that time.

One of the students on campus that works as a mail clerk is Greg Brodginski.

“You get to see a different part of campus that you don’t usually see because you get to go into all of the buildings,” he said.

Brodginski is one of the several students who drives the mail cart around campus, which he explains is one of the perks of working with the mail office.

As soon as classes get out during the day is when the mailroom starts to pick up and get busy.

The busiest time is at the beginning of the semester when students are ordering their books online. Cain explains you wouldn’t even be able to stand in the room because it gets so busy with people coming to pick up their books.

Right now, the mailroom is starting to slow down. It may start to pick up a little bit when the holidays hit because students order presents for family members online. Usually, though, it doesn’t get too busy like it is at the beginning of the semesters.

The mailroom is always running smoothly, thanks to Cain. It is always an exciting feeling receiving a package or a letter and the workers do a great job making sure everything is done right.

The thrill of receiving a package is even better due to the service you receive from the staff, but most of all Joyce Cain.

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