Springfield College Holiday Concert to Highlight Months of Hard Work

Josh Hillman
Staff Writer




Two musicians are cleaning and piecing together their oboes for what may be the final winter performance of their musical career.

This process is a ritual for seniors Jennifer Rollinson and Kristyn Mowry. They have cleaned their instruments thousands of times and spent countless hours reading music in preparation to perform in Appleton Auditorium.

The two musicians have been playing their woodwinds since the sixth grade. “Since we are seniors, this may be our last winter concert ever, and it’s bittersweet,” Rollinson said.

Rollinsons’ bittersweet feeling increases as she approaches the music departments Holiday Concert on Thursday, Dec. 11. Rollinson and Mowry have played together in three of the annual concerts.

The seniors sit in a classroom with smiles on their faces, happy to be playing music. With notes in sight and instruments in hand, they play along with sound of Chris Haynes’ piano.

Haynes is a professor in the music department and has been a part of the show for 20 years now. He says that his students have been practicing multiple times a week, all semester long, to put on a great show.

Staff and students of all grades will be involved in the concert. This includes the SC Singers, the Jazz Ensemble, Classical Music Players, and the High Strung Ensemble. You can expect to hear holiday music along with popular favorites.

Along with our own student musicians, special guest Carmen Oyola-Callender will be conducting the children’s choir of Minetti School. The choir is made up of children from third to eighth grade.

Oyola-Callender is a Springfield College Alumni whose children’s choir preformed at the President Mary-Beth Cooper’s Inauguration in 2013.

The show will start at 7:30p.m. in the Fuller Arts Center. Admission is free, and there will be a holiday sing-along as well as punch and cookies for those in attendance.

Although Rollinson and Mowry are preparing for one of their final performances, it will not be the last time they play their oboes. The two musicians proudly clean their instruments, knowing that they will return to them in the future.


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