Organically Entwined: Art for Everyone

Luke Brown
Assistant Online Editor




Bill Blizard started the visual arts department at Springfield College in 1962. At the time, the school offered just one course, which was only in one room. According to the plaque hanging in The William Blizard Gallery, “Professor Blizard developed the first four-year art major in the United States based upon the Humanics philosophy.” Blizard saw the excellent growth and development of the program throughout his 36-year tenure at Springfield College into what it is today. Currently the aesthetics department holds the entire space of the second floor of Locklin Hall. Due to this incredible growth, the major is able to impress spectators with its great virtuosity.

Until Dec. 22, The William Blizzard Art Gallery, which is the college’s only art exhibit, will hold the “Organically Entwined: Graduating Student Art Exhibition”.

From art made with wet felt and sewing thread to life-sized alpacas, the art exhibit really offers enough to accommodate every spectator’s liking. Around the walls are many pictures that show a variety of topics all under the category of mixed media.

“It is important to become well-rounded while here at Springfield College,” says Ronald Maggio, who is an associate professor of art at Springfield College. “This will serve you well when you leave. Having an understanding and an appreciation for the arts is fulfilling.”

Incredibly, just two students produce the entire show. The two students are Kelly Buhler, who is a graduate art therapy/counseling major, and Eliza Bessone, who is an undergraduate art therapy major.

“The exhibition is one of the graduation requirements for all majors in the department,” explains Maggio. “The two artists exhibiting are graduating in December and this is why we have the exhibition at this time of the year.”

Two more exhibits will be presented next May for another graduate and undergraduate.

With so many events going on everyday, it is hard to attend everything, but heading over to the second floor of Blake may be a good remedy for people as they pull their hair out studying for finals.

“I would not say it is better than other events on campus but equally as important,” Maggio says. “I think it is unfortunate that many students and members of this community do not attend art openings or sporting events or other sanctioned events on campus. [The events have] so much to offer and most of them are free.”

The Organically Entwined: Graduating Student Art Exhibition is one of those free events.


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