Springfield College Dance Team Hosts Interactive Fundraiser

Josh Hillman
Staff Writer




So you think you can’t dance? A dozen Springfield College students answered this question at the SC Dance club’s annual fundraiser.

On Dec. 10, the SC Dancers presented students with an opportunity to learn to dance for a mere three dollars.

The money raised by the fundraiser will be used to hire guest choreographers, and purchase new apparel. All of the club’s efforts are aimed at preparing for their show next spring.

The club spent two hours in Judd Gymnasium teaching routines in ballet, hip-hop, and Zumba.

Kristen Walsh instructed hip-hop routines throughout the fundraiser. She has been a part of the club for two years and started dancing ballet when she was three.

Walsh loves dancing because it allows her to step away from reality and simply enjoy the moment. “Whenever I am dancing, it decreases my stress to where nothing else matters,” she said.

During the fundraiser, Walsh hoped to give others the opportunity to relieve themselves of stress and live in the moment. By the expressions on their faces, it was evident that all participants were enjoying themselves.

Students who had never danced before where leaping through the air, fighting gravity and improving their coordination.  The dancing allowed for a light hearted atmosphere where everyone could be themselves while learning a thing or two about dance.

Along side Walsh danced another two-year veteran, Gina Hannah. Hannah instructed the fundraiser’s Zumba class.

The Colombian dance style combines dance and fitness. “It is a fun way to incorporate dancing and working out at the same time,” Hannah said.

Through hip-hop and Zumba, Walsh and Hannah allowed participants to forget about their responsibilities and have some fun. It was a nice change that offset the stress of upcoming finals.

When asked about her future in dance, Walsh said, “I always wanted to be a Radio City Rockette, but am too short. So now I want to work in dance therapy.” Along with her hopes for the future, Walsh is looking forward to the SC Dancers’ next performance during Sti-Yu-Kah.

After winter break, the club plans to work on a weekly basis to present 30 student dancers in an unforgettable show.


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