“Girl Code” Performance Fails to Impress

Kirsten McNeice
Staff Writer




FullSizeRender (1)It’s not every day you get the opportunity to meet celebrities on a popular MTV show, never mind two of the funniest girls on the teen sensation “Girl Code.”  “Girl Code,” MTV’s new series, is a strong and smart female-driven comedy series that brings to attention all of the ridiculous and repulsive things some women are guilty of.  No wonder there were nearly one hundred people packed from wall to wall in the Springfield College student union late Saturday night to see a comedy show from two girls of the cast, Tanisha Long and Esther Ku.

Imagine the disappointment when the show turned out to be an uncomfortable, unrehearsed, and distasteful disaster.  College students love a good sexual joke and are not ignorant to profound language, but an entire hour of two grown women talking about their relationships, their race, and crude flaws in the crowd was completely inappropriate.

The silence was louder than the laughter and the awkward laughs buried the show.  Long and Ku made the audience particularly uncomfortable by accusing the  “sea of white people” of being racist.  Stereotyping the audience by the color of our skin seemed to rattle everyone.

These girls had the potential to be hysterical, but being so unprepared and dependent on the responses of the audience they got lost in their own words.  They insulted faculty and students in a way that was painful to watch and embarrassing to have announced in front of one hundred peers.  Racial slurs and graphic descriptions were tossed around casually to get a laugh out of the crowd but instead people just up and left so they would not be the next to be tortured.

When Ku started to make jokes about not having a boyfriend and being down to hookup with any guy at Springfield, there were crickets in the room.  I was mortified that she openly tormented a couple about what they engage in at night, and then proceeded to make a song on it.  Although the song was witty, it was apparent that the couple was humiliated and was not taking it as a joke whatsoever.

What she did to the manager of the Student Union was easily the most unbearable part of the show.  Ku declared that he was the oldest man in the room and therefore must be a pedophile.

How insulting that he puts his time and effort into these events for the campus and he is openly disrespected and degraded for supervising what should have been a humorous night.  The only thing humorous was their inability to get a crowd laughing without insulting the crowd’s insecurities.


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