Hassa’s Fashion Buzz: Keeping Warm While Acting Young

Taylor Hassa
Layout Editor




fashionNothing says welcome back to school in Massachusetts quite like a massive blizzard. Although the air outside may have been cold, the dorms were cozy and filled with sweats, friends, and laughter.

There is just something about a snowstorm and a snow day that makes everyone feel like a little kid again. We stay up late all snuggled in our comfiest clothes and enjoy an unexpected night off with our closest friends.

The night probably went the same for a lot of the students on campus. However, there were a few brave souls that ventured out in the cold to go sledding behind the Administration building in the wee hours of the morning.

Sleds in hand, we set out like the eager children we were into the snow. The walk across campus felt longer than ever because of the wind and the long walk across the ice of the Massasoit.

My roommate, Kiera O’Shea, who just had ACL surgery, insisted we push on because she had never been sleigh riding before. Born and raised a California girl, this winter weather proved to be quite a change of pace for her.

Once we reached the shore and climbed off the ice, we began trudging up the massive hill. O’Shea was rocking her warmest sweatpants, her dad’s hoodie, a North Face, and a hat and gloves.

The Uggs she was wearing made the outfit though. These Uggs were all taped up so the snow wouldn’t leak in through a previously existing hole and onto her fuzzy socks.

My outfit consisted of the same core articles of clothing, minus the taped Uggs. We thought we had dressed for the weather; it wasn’t until we were three quarters of the way up the hill and sliding down on our knees that we realized maybe waterproof something may have been a better idea.

Eventually we made it to the top of the hill, covered in snow and absolutely freezing. We ignored the cold and plunged down the hill with not a care in the world.

One long, cold, windy walk later we found ourselves back in the warmth of our dorm, reminiscing on the evening and being grateful that a few seniors got to spend the night acting like children for one last winter.

Though our snow day ended, the cold did not, so learn from my freezing roommate and I and dress in waterproof clothes when frolicking in the snow. As for classes this week, large sweaters, comfy boots and thick jackets are in order. Don’t forget your scarves, hats and gloves, either; they are essential to staying warm.


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