Springfield College CAB Ushers in New Year with Several Events

Josh Hillman
Staff Writer




Welcome Week was a huge success from Wednesday, Jan. 21 to Saturday Jan. 24.

The Campus Activities Board, better known as “CAB,” put together a great roster of activities for returning Springfield College students. These student-run events included the Union’s 5th Birthday, Welcome Back Bingo, Paint Night, and MTV’s Girl Code.

The main goals in planning these events are to give the students a leadership outlet ,as well as provide alternate activities for everybody to participate in.

Two students that get joy from being a part of the club are sophomore Kevin Mirando and junior Sam Manero. The two have been a part of CAB since they were freshmen and now have the pleasure of working as the club’s Co-Chairs.

They are working toward making the club completely student run. “As Co-Chairs, we are trying to give board members more experience. So instead of graduate assistants making arrangements, we are taking the opportunity to work on management skills by organizing events on our own,” Manero said.

So far this term, the student-run events have been high in attendance, the most popular being Friday’s Paint Night and Saturday’s visit by two cast members of MTV’s Girl Code.

During Paint Night, students were given step-by-step instructions on how to paint. Unaware of what the end product would be, participants blindly ran the brush against the canvas. “Dodge was so packed that night, we even had to turn people away,” Manero said.

The Union was equally as packed the next night while comediennes from MTV’s Girl Code performed a stand up comedy show. Students in chairs watched shoulder to shoulder while the rest of the audience extended upstairs and around the balcony.

All of the planning has run smoothly due to the 25 hard-working general board members and access to one of the school’s largest budgets.

Regardless of all their success, members don’t get paid to run these events. They simply do it for the joy of bringing the Springfield College community together.

“I was incredibly happy at the attendance at every event of Welcome Week and I cannot wait to continue helping give the student population events they will enjoy,” Mirando said.

Coming up on Saturday, Jan. 31 are Dave & Ethan: Comedy Dating Coaches.


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