Springfield College Wrestler Dylan Foley Reaches 100 Wins

Gabby Maulucci
Sports Editor




Photo Courtesy: www.spfldcol.edu
Photo Courtesy: http://www.spfldcol.edu

Q. How does it feel to have achieved your 100th win?
A.  Achieving my 100th win was a lot of fun! More than anything it was nice to be able to check off one of the smaller goals on my list for this season. It’s quite a feeling to be able to have my name on the same list as only a select few other athletes in SC Wrestling program history.

Q. What are some of your goals down the road this season?
A. My other goals I am working to achieve this year are to be a Northeast Regional Champion, a National Champion, and be considered one of the toughest and most dominant wrestlers in the country.

Q. Has it hit you yet that this will be your final college wrestling season?
A. Knowing it’s my last go-round here for SC Wrestling is bittersweet. I am excited to reach the post season and get after it. I don’t think the reality of this being my last ride will set in until after its all over. More than anything else I want to leave this season knowing I did everything I could to achieve my goals and have absolutely no regrets.


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