“The Interview”: Worth the Wait?

Nick Lovett
Online Editor




Photo Credit: "The Interview" Facebook Page
Photo Credit: “The Interview” Facebook Page

Over break “The Interview” was released in select theaters across the country. You probably never heard or saw anything about it, nor knew anything about it’s release. But for those who did get to see it, I’m truly sorry you wasted two hours of your time that you will never get back.

“The Interview” was, to say the least, an awful movie that was filled with the stale mix of sex and drug jokes that make up most Seth Rogen/James Franco movies. Now, do not get me wrong, I am a big Rogen fan. I love his work, at least most of it, as a writer and as an actor. Franco is usually very good too. The last time these two actors paired up, it was for “This is the End”, which was hilarious.

This movie, for all the hype, for all the threats, was pure garbage. Rogen stars as producer Aaron Rapoport who works on the show “Skylark Tonight” which is hosted by Franco’s Dave Skylark. Rapoport is at least bearable throughout the movie as he is able to keep his head about him the whole time while Skylark is just insufferable. It’s almost like the writers tried way too hard to get those one liner quotes in the movie that would stick with the audience.

As for the movie itself, it is extremely formulaic and not the least bit creative. The movie follows the two around as they go from New York to Pyongyang to interview the leader of North Korea, Kim Jung Un, who happens to be a fan of the show.

Rapoport goes to save his journalistic integrity while Skylark goes because it will make him more famous than he actually is. Like you have seen on the commercials, the CIA gets wind of this and asks the two to assassinate the leader of the remote country for them. Once they get there, obviously, their initial plan fails and they are forced to do some off the cuff things to execute (pun intended) their objective.

Some of you are probably saying, “Well Nick, it’s a comedy, it’s supposed to be formulaic.” And you are right; most comedies are, though the great ones are not. But what sets this one apart from the others is that it just plainly is not funny. Sure there are a few parts here and there that made me chuckle but all the big jokes that were supposed to be knockouts just felt terrible and tried to me. Essentially, if you’ve seen a Rogen/Franco movie, you have heard all the jokes in this movie, just in a different form.

For a movie whose subject is so controversial, you would hope it was much more creative than this. Team America was creative. Borat was creative. But “The Interview” was the farthest thing from it. Everything about this movie was trite and not worth anyone’s time. The fact this film almost started an international conflict is the funniest part about it. And please, if you hear anyone compare this movie to the likes of Charlie Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator” in terms of being edgy, please tell them to stop talking because they are making everyone around them less intelligent.

In reality, I really wish this movie was never released. For all the trouble it caused, it failed to be even considered a decent comedy, let alone a decent movie. The acting was mediocre and the story was dull. The characters were barely likeable and most of the jokes fell flat. If you are going to start a war over a movie, at least make sure it’s worth the two hours people are going to spend watching it.

Final Verdict: 1/10


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