Twerps Produces Worthwhile Album

Tyler Leahy
Opinions Editor




Photo Credit: Twerps Facebook Page
Photo Credit: Twerps Facebook Page

Jangly, nostalgic indie rock has been in vogue over the last few years. Unlike many other trends, it has proved to be refreshing.

There is still plenty of variety within the niche sound, and the umbrella of this sound can still appeal to a wide audience. Such is evident with “Cigarette Daydream” by Cage the Elephant dominating playtime on seemingly every radio station in existence.

On Jan. 27, Australian band Twerps released their newest collection of jangles, Range Anxiety. In a niche that is quickly become crowded, Range Anxiety is thoughtful and capricious enough to prove it a worthwhile listen.

Each song is light, and airy. Range Anxiety will not surface any emotion deep within that you’ve been storing away. Rather, it will be a fun, quick listen. On this album, Twerps finds themselves in territory that could almost be considered a bridge between acts like Mac Demarco and Girls with the aforementioned Cage The Elephant.

Twerps swagger with a sentiment of rock-n-roll homage without the slacker punk ethos of Demarco and Girls.

“I Don’t Mind” is one of the album’s standout tracks, packed with a big, wraithlike chorus that is caught somewhere between 70’s rock and modern surf rock, complete with female backing vocals.

My personal favorite happens to be “Cheap Education,” the one track on the album that does lean towards the slacker ethos that Twerps sidesteps on much of Range Anxiety.

If you’re looking for ballad that would potentially make David Bowie smile, give “Love at First Sight” a listen.

In essence, Range Anxiety is one of those very listenable albums that feel as if it has something to offer to everyone. It’s a truly feel-good album, and a well-crafted one at that.

It is hard to predict it as one of the better indie rock releases of 2015 in the first month, but it is a rock solid album that could stand the test of time.


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