“Mindful Eating” Delivers Diet Tips

Ben Ryan
Staff Writer




Want to get healthy? Would you want to learn the proper ways to start a healthier diet? Well, Mindful Eating is a great way to start! Stacy Garvey has been a dietician for over 15 years and has been doing Mindful Eating presentations for students for about six years. Anybody can start a healthy diet at any time; all they need is the proper way to start, and that is what Mindful Eating presentations do.

From talking about how to set up a meal, to knowing what to properly eat during the meal, Mindful Eating delivers in every aspect of dieting. “It’s really important to have a healthy diet,” Garvey said, “Nutrition is one of the best medicines we have, and some people don’t realize that.” Garvey is no stranger to healthy dieting, so you can count on her to help out. Every Monday she is on campus, so just make an appointment and start your diet.

Having a healthy diet is much more important than people believe it to be. Garvey said, “By eating healthy, you can treat, or delay the onset of high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes. The list goes on.” Garvey stands strong with her point to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Garvey is happy about what she has seen involving dieting here at Springfield College. “I see it all the time, I see not as much overeating but students not eating as much to become healthier,” Garvey added. The excitement level is at new heights when she is talking about Springfield. “At other schools such as a larger campuses, you see how much they pig out because it’s a buffet everywhere you go.”

Mindful Eating is a great beginning and start to becoming healthy. Paying attention at the presentations can really make sure audiences of all ages follow the right guidelines to a new, healthy life. For those who want to start, stay tuned for the next meetings of Mindful Eating.


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