Super Bowl XLIX Ignites Gulick Rampage

Greg Allen
Staff Writer




Photo Credit: Super Bowl XLIX Facebook Page
Photo Credit: Super Bowl XLIX Facebook Page

The fire alarms were screeching as students of Gulick Hall rampaged and trampled like a stampede of rhinos through the corridors in sheer excitement after Tom Brady took a knee and the final whistle of Super Bowl XLIX was blown.

Chairs were lifted up  and there was no set of headphones that could have silenced the yelling, chanting, and singing. It was absolute madness.

There is still no exact explanation for what happened to trigger the alarms, but it is known that this was no drill. A heavy smell of smoke emerged from floor 1C. Many residents and resident assistants have said that as the game was coming to a close, a few Patriots fans went into a neighboring room and burnt a Seattle Seahawks poster.

Nothing could calm the mood of these ecstatic fans. Everyone exited the building, but it was not quite as smooth as an elementary school fire drill.

There were piggy-back rides, hugs, screams, fist pumps, anything imaginable.

Now picture being in charge and trying to control the madness. The resident assistants had that role, and in that moment, it was not the most desirable job.

“Getting the students outside was inconvenient, but the worst part was all the documentation I had to do” said Resident Assistant Trankay Dukuray.

“Things were damaged on our floor, the bathrooms were a crazy mess with shower curtains ripped down. It was not fun.”

When the students were finally all outdoors, the party did not slow down even a little; it actually sped up. Students chanted, “Let’s go Pats! Let’s go Pats!” and “(Explicit) the Seahawks!” over and over again at the top of their lungs.

Brady and Gronkowski jerseys were torn off and thrown into the air as students dove with a running start into the fresh white powder. Others launched snowballs high into the air. One student even found a young lady and kissed her.

For a high percentage of students, the Patriots winning was better than winning the lottery, more satisfying than anything they’ve ever experienced in their lives, and a night that they will never be able to forget.

Sports are amazing. They provoke emotions like nothing else in this world. Millions of people’s happiness was dependent on how well Tom Brady threw a football to Julian Edelman. Thank God Brady did that very well on Sunday night, because if he hadn’t, who knows what would have happened here at Springfield College.


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