Love, Sex, and No Relationships: Love Can Be Found in All Places

Jaclyn Imondi
Copy Editor/Staff Writer




LSNRSo, as one might guess by the title of my column, I am single. With Valentine’s Day approaching quickly, you would think I would be pretty bitter about being single on the day meant for “lovers.” In year’s past, your thought would have been supported by my actions.

This year, however, I have decided to take on a new perspective for the holiday.

Valentine’s Day is meant for people who are in love to celebrate that love. That’s fine. I’ll let them have their day. But this year, I am also going to celebrate love.

I may not have a “significant other” in the general sense, but I have a lot of significant people in my life that I can celebrate with. I am loved, and even though that love doesn’t come from a man for whom I share romantic feelings, that does not mean that the love that people have for me is any less valuable.

Valentine’s Day is either the worst day of the year or it’s a great day. For those of us who are lacking a “valentine,” use this holiday as a way to show your appreciation for someone else in your life.

Call your parents, tell them how your semester is going; they’ll appreciate the thought. Make your single roommates dinner while your taken roommates are out having theirs paid for by their significant other.

We have to stop feeling sorry for ourselves about not having what we want or what we think that everyone else has. We have to stop making assumptions about other people’s relationships, just because they’re in one, doesn’t mean they’re happy in it.

We hate Valentine’s Day because we think it highlights the things we want. In actuality, not having a boyfriend or girlfriend in college isn’t that big a deal.

However, it was a really big deal for me to say that considering I’ve been looking for my future Mr. Imondi since day one of NSO.

We have time to find that right person, and we’ll have plenty of chances to celebrate a whole spread of holidays with our special someone. And for those who already found that someone, don’t let V-Day be the only day you show how much you love your S.O.

Send her flowers a week early and surprise her with a secret plan the day of. And girls, surprise your guy, too, because I’m sure he puts up with more than you think he does.

Love is all around us, constantly. It’s only when it’s brought to our attention do we hate that we don’t have it. So I say we stop hating love and start loving love.


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