Finding an Outfit with an Open Mind

Kristen Linnartz
Staff Writer



“I have nothing to wear.” A quote commonly heard by anyone who has ever tried to pick out an outfit and couldn’t find anything they liked. With closets full of clothes people constantly face the struggle of looking through their closets and finding themselves very disappointed.

But do you really have nothing to wear? Or are you just unsatisfied with the selection you have in fact given yourself? People spend hundred of dollars a year on clothes where others are lucky to even purchase themselves a new pair of jeans once a year. The sad thing is, at the end of the day when you’re trying to find the perfect outfit to wear out Saturday night, at least five times out of ten you’re going to be disappointed.

The best part about having roommates is their closets are also up for grabs. That black lace top they just bought from Urban Outfitters two weeks ago mind as well have your name written all over it because once it’s in their closet it’s basically in yours too.

Living in the Living Center I get the luxury of having 5 closets to choose from including my own. Don’t get me wrong I still have a hard time picking out outfits but at least I have a lot of options. Having more than one closet to choose from is beneficial in so many ways, for example you get to see how the outfit looks on someone else before you wear it and the best part you didn’t even have to buy it. Just make sure it’s returned the way you received it or there could be some tension lingering in your dorm and you’ll have to dish out the money your grandma sent you last week to replace it.

When browsing for an outfit it’s best to go into it with an open mind. When you’re trying to find items to put something specific together, that’s where you’ll find yourself in trouble and thinking you have nothing to wear when in fact you just don’t have the outfit you want to wear. Having an open mind will help you to find something without being too picky.

I can imagine that fifty percent of the people you see this weekend will be wearing a borrowed outfit. I can also imagine that more than fifty percent of the people out this weekend said at one time or another “I have nothing to wear.” Clearly that wasn’t the case because they’re not in their birthday suit and I’m yet to meet anyone in college who has an empty closet.

I guess the point is there’s always something to wear you just might have a hard time finding it. People will always run into trouble with finding the perfect outfit for whatever occasion it might be but the important thing is you’re never alone.

Next time you think you “have nothing to wear” keep an open mind and go into your roommate’s closet. If that fails then go look on Instagram at what that girl in your psychology class who looks like they just came out of a Vogue magazine wore last weekend. If you still have no luck then that’s fate’s way of telling you to order a pizza and stay in for the night because clearly the only outfit you want to wear is your birthday suit.


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