Love, Sex, and No Relationships: The True Purpose of LSNR

Jaclyn Imondi
Staff Writer/Copy Editor




LSNRSince I started writing this column, I have received a few comments and questions of confusion about the subjects of my writing coinciding with the title of this column. Allow me to clarify.

When I was studying abroad in Australia, I took a class called “Love, Sex, and Relationships.” When I was presented with the opportunity to write a lifestyle column for the school paper, I thought that using the title of that course would be eye-catching and would help me pique people’s interest. However, since I am not in a romantic relationship, I figured I would tweak the title to match my current status; that is how the “Love, Sex, and No Relationships” column came to be.

With this column title, people have been commenting to me about my lack of talk about sex, when I talk about love and relationships disproportionally more often.

Let me clear something up. I have no problem with sex, with people who have sex, or even how they have sex. With that said, my decision to write or to not write about my sex life is a decision I make weekly when I sit down to write my column.

I enjoy writing about topics that I know well or I feel that the people who read my pieces can easily relate to. I could probably guarantee that the majority of people who read my column on a weekly basis have no desire to read about my personal sex life. This majority includes my parents, who often read and share my columns on Facebook to show their support.

I appreciate their support. And I would like to keep their perceptions of me as innocent as possible for as long as possible because I would like to be able to make eye contact with them when I return home for long weekends or holidays.

With that said, I am not ashamed of my sexual experiences, nor do I think that other people should be ashamed of their sex lives. But I think it is fair to state that most of us who are sexually active do not wish to expose that to the world, especially a world that includes our parents.

Sex is great, almost anyone you know could tell you that. My explanations of my personal endeavors in the bedroom will not increase your knowledge of anything besides my sexual preferences. I cannot provide you with guidance or advice like the former SC Sexpert did with their column last year. And I apologize to anyone who thought that that was what I was going to be doing upon reading my column’s title.

I do not know much about sex, but here is what I do know. Sex is fun with the right person, and can still be fun even if the person is wrong for you. Sex makes things complicated and it will not save your broken relationship. Sex you don’t want is never okay. Sex is something that should be explored in a healthy and safe way; it’s important to educate yourself on your options as well as to know yourself personally.

I am no expert, and I have absolutely no hesitations in stating that. I hope this has helped settle the confusion amongst those who expected something else of me by my writing these pieces.


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