The Art of Joggers

Taylor Hassa
Layout Editor




fashionAs college students, it is our prerogative to dress as comfy as we possibly can at all times. However, there are people on this campus (myself included) that absolutely hate being seen in sweatpants in public.

Wearing sweatpants around your dorm room or to the gym is one thing, but up to class is a different story. You may as well walk in announcing to your teacher and peers that you are in fact too much of a bum to even put pants on for 50 minutes.

Just to clarify, this column is in regards to girls wearing sweatpants to class. Let’s be honest, no one really cares or even notices what most guys are wearing. Harsh I know, but so very true.

Anyway, back to what I was saying. Girls, I have the answer to all of your bummy problems. Are you ready? They are called joggers and although they walk like sweatpants and talk like sweatpants, they are deceiving to the eye. Therefore, you will know what they are but no one else will. Pretty great, right?

American Eagle actually sells a pair of denim jogger pants, so they look like jeans but are actually just as comfortable as your sweatpants.

Originally these pants were designed as sweatpants, they had a drawstring waists and everything. Now, however, the sequins and patterned designs have cancelled out the sweatpants look and it is a whole new world.

What I love about these pants is their ability to be dressed up. You can wear them with boots, pumps, even high-top sneakers and they will look great.

They also look great with a cozy t-shit, crop top or even a blazer if you’re trying to go for a more formal look. It is so possible to dress these bad boys up and they are the answer to every college girl’s prayers.

Another great way to dress up the joggers is to accessorize with bold bracelets and necklaces. It is easy to take something comfy and make it something fabulous.

Don’t get me wrong though, it is perfectly acceptable to dress up the joggers for class, but then when you get back to your room, it is even better.

I am the kind of person that will put uncomfortable pants on to go up to class but then, as soon as I am back in my room, they are the first thing to go. Who gets back in bed in the clothes they wore to class?

Well, now the answer is you because you have magical pants that provide you with everything you could ever want from them. So go buy yourself a few pairs of these incredible pants before other people figure out how amazing they are and buy all of them before you can! You’re welcome.


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