Uggs: Not Meant for Winter

Taylor Hassa
Layout Editor




This week I’ll admit I was struggling with a topic for my column. I was sitting in the union basically beating my head against the table trying to come up with a wonderfully creative, never touched on before topic.

I was just about to give up when my friend told me to write about how Ugg boots are not meant for the snow and salt that make up a typical Massachusetts’ winter. What a perfect topic, right?

Every morning I wake up, get all ready for class, and then stand and contemplate which shoes I want to slip on the ice in. As I am sure you all know, this winter has been particularly brutal and our campus has become somewhat of a winter wonderland, or nightmare depending on the day.

There is snow everywhere, and the ice is an absolute death trap, which makes picking the right shoes crucial. I am the kind of person who always opts for super fuzzy socks and the fluffiest of shoes. My feet are always getting cold, and let’s be honest, cold feet just make everyone cranky.

Generally speaking, I choose to wear my Uggs on my journey to class simply because they look the coziest to me in the morning. It seems like I made the right choice until I get about halfway to my class.

I start to realize, that somewhere in the middle of my sliding around and almost falling, that my feet have begun to feel damp. I figure that can’t be happening though because I have seriously put my life in danger avoiding every puddle.

I push the thought of wet feet out of my mind for a few more minutes, literally thinking about anything else. But just as I convince myself my feet are dry, I slip and my feet slide right into a soul-sucking puddle.

Yup, now there is no mistaking I have wet feet. The outsides of my boots are soaked; the fuzzy inside that was once so appealing to me is soaked and then there are my socks, which are also sopping.

By the time I get to class I am the crankiest, wettest, coldest person in the entire building. Not to mention my $200 boots are now covered in salt and will probably never come clean again. 

Every girl on this campus has known this struggle, and it is time for us to fix the problem. Ugg boots simply were not designed to handle a winter in Massachusetts.

I suggest going online and finding a nice fluffy pair of waterproof rain boots and saving your Uggs for a drier, warmer climate. I’m sure that’ll make your parents happier too because let’s face it; Uggs are not exactly the cheapest boot to keep replacing every winter.


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