Geoff Hensley’s Journey to Alden Street

Geoff Hensley, a second-year graduate assistant for the men’s basketball team, spent four years in the Navy after graduating from Norwich University in 2006. Google Map produced by Terrence Payne/The Student.

Terrence Payne

Sports Editor

On March 3, 2005, Geoff Hensley stepped into Blake Arena to take on the Springfield College men’s basketball team in the first round of the Division III NCAA Tournament.

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Chasing the Elusive Championship Intramural T-shirt

Corey Hanlon

Managing Editor

You can buy a T-shirt for $5-$10 in almost any clothing store around.  You cannot, however, buy a Springfield College intramural champion T-shirt.

For whatever reason, an intramural championship T-shirt is one of the most highly coveted items on Alden Street.  On the front, the shirts are usually pretty simple and often sport some sort of Springfield College based logo. Continue reading “Chasing the Elusive Championship Intramural T-shirt”

Previewing the 2011 Fantasy Football Playoffs (AUDIO)

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Jared Gidan

Staff Writer

It’s official, some of your fantasy hopes and dreams may have come crashing down with the conclusion of most leagues seasons last week.  But for those lucky few, who made the right calls, made the right moves, and just quite frankly dominated, the playoffs are the next stepping stone to fantasy football immortalization.  Some of you may be playing for money and others for bragging rights.

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