For the Record

The “For the Record” series highlights members of the LGBTQ+ community across the Springfield College campus. The intention is to amplify the voices that, more often than not, go unheard. Please be aware that these stories may contain derogatory, anti-gay slurs and were written by the author as part of the piece. The Springfield Student staff condemns the use of derogatory language and we support the author’s right to candidly detail what occurred in the past to try and build a better future.

For the Record: Pamela Marino on her role as LGBTQIA+ Student Representative

For the Record: Bunny Halloran promotes respect for LGBTQ+ community

For the Record: Emily Tonning urges for more LGBTQ+ advocacy among Springfield College community

For the Record: Damian Mackay-Morgan describes the reality of being gay at Springfield College

For the Record: LGBTQ+ community shares experiences on Springfield College campus