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  1. Vin Gallo- you submitted an article on February 16 about Springfield athlete Carly Markos, and while your writing style shows creativity and good use of descriptive language, you clearly don’t know anything about the throwing events in the sport of track and field-

    You described Carly’s performance at the February 11, 2017 David Hemery Valentine Invitational, held at Boston University, as being “18 feet nine inches”- while stating that earlier on February 4 at the Dartmouth Indoor Invitational she threw a school record 59 feet 4 1/4 inches- you should be able to realize, there is something quite inaccurate with saying the throw at the Valentine Invitational was 18 “feet”, nine “inches” when compared to what you reported for her school record of over 59 feet…..

    I looked up the meet results for both of these meets, and Carly’s official result for the Dartmouth meet was 18.09 METERS, which does convert to the imperial 59′ 4.25″, and her third place distance at the Valentine Invitational was officially 17.96 meters, which converts to an imperial measure of 58′ 11 1/4″….so unfortunately you not only confused meters and feet, but your article reporting her Valentine Invitational distance, used numbers that belonged to the metric result from Dartmouth….

    In the second paragraph, you used a phrase “…another pair of wins in both the hammer and weight throw….what you don’t understand is that there are two seasons in the sport- indoor and outdoor- INDOOR the athletes compete in the WEIGHT THROW, and OUTDOOR they compete in the HAMMER THROW, and can also do the Shotput as a throwing event indoors.

    You also made this confused reference in the paragraph that begins “It has been eight years since Marko’s decision…” where you state “as a senior this year she has finished first in both weight and hammer events twice….”

    Perhaps what a person familiar with the sport would have written would have been “another pair of wins in both the shotput and weight throw…” –and– “…finished first in both weight and shotput twice…”

    Peter Van Aken
    Poughkeepsie, New York

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