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What Boots to Wear During the Fall Season

Katie Benoit
Staff Writer

Since fall is upon us, boots are definitely the shoe that’s most in style this season. However, there are so many options and styles. One of the most popular styles on college campuses are Bean Boots.

These boots are produced by L.L Bean and are super high quality. You can wear them in both the rain or snow and they will keep your feet dry. Some styles of the boot also have a liner to help keep your feet all toasty. Although they are a little expensive, they are a must-have. They are pretty preppy but they serve their purpose.

You also can always get a new pair if they get damaged or start to get old, with L.L Bean’s guarantee, you likely will never have to buy another pair again. As an owner of Bean Boots, I highly recommend them. However, order them early. I waited until winter break to get mine and they were back ordered for months. These boots aren’t just for girls either, they sell them for guys as well.

Another staple of fall fashion is riding boots. Riding boots come in brown and black. They pair well with leggings or even jeans. However, they aren’t the most practical pair of shoes when it starts getting cold. They do look super cute, though, and give off a very fall-like vibe. You can find them at pretty much any shoe or department store at a fairly low cost.

Moccasins are also a popular shoe in the fall, even though they aren’t boots. They are incredibly comfy and will keep your feet warm as well. They are awesome shoes to wear to class because who dresses up for class anyway? They go well with pretty much any outfit, too.

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