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Kathleen Morris
Staff Writer

College is considered to be one of the highlights of a person’s life.

It’s a time to find one’s self and to form lasting friendships. Living on campus is an excellent way to do this, but with the rising cost of college, some students find themselves opting out of dorm life and choosing instead to be a commuter.

Jasmine Alvarez, a freshman who commutes, lists some of the benefits.

“I save money, I get to see my dog, and I can see my family all the time.”

Yet, like with any choice, commuting has its drawbacks.

Yes it adds a bit more money to students’ wallets, but it can leave them feeling like they’re missing out on a lot. Freshman commuter Uwizeyimana Angelique puts it this way,

“You miss out on a lot of events. You can sometimes feel like an outsider when people are talking about campus stuff.”

Jarod Authier, another commuter, says that commuters “don’t get to meet as many people” in comparison to people who live on campus.

Springfield College prides itself on the strong feeling of unity amongst students and faculty. That feeling of unity can be felt by commuters, too.

Alvarez commented that she’s in the Health Science Club and tries to go to different campus events. Angelique has a similar solution; she stays involved by looking for clubs that interest her and by reaching out.

Authier has found that joining the track team helps him feel involved, noting that “if [he] wasn’t on the team, [he] wouldn’t be having nearly as much fun.”

College really is an important experience. A little bit of distance from campus as a commuter doesn’t have to be a reason to miss out. There are a lot of opportunities on campus to get involved and make the four years here memorable.

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