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Art Exhibit Showcases Student Talent

Ben Ryan
Staff Writer

art pic 1
Photo courtesy of Sam Leventhal.

Above two flights of stairs inside Blake Hall stands a door. What is behind that door is slightly unusual to the Springfield College campus; there are no plaques of famous athletes, basketballs, footballs, or coaches. Beyond this door lies the magnificent artistic work done by the students on campus, and it’s called the student arts exhibit.

The exhibit or even the art program itself both could very well be overlooked here on an athletic-oriented campus. However, the students in the art program look past that and continue to produce amazing work. Springfield College is not all about sports. In the art exhibit you can find some lovely work from many students.

Whether students came to the college for academics, athletics, the art program itself, or to be involved in out of school activities, students such as senior Hattie Pacheco have found themselves in an interesting situation.

“Although it is athletic oriented I came here for the art therapy program because it was the closest college to where I live that has the program,” Pacheco said. “But I do love how the school promotes wellness of mind, body, and spirit and how everyone is studying something that will help achieve that balance of the three,” Pacheco said.

With Springfield being a sports-oriented campus, getting artwork to be seen could be more difficult than it seems. After all, some people are unaware that there even is a student art exhibit.

However, Pacheco is quite optimistic. She loves what she does, and she does it well. Pacheco has confidence in her work and the work of others because she knows how important it is.

“I think the arts exhibit is very important to the school. It gives the artists an opportunity to get recognition from people outside their major as well as the community outside of the school,” Pacheco said. “As an artist that’s important to most of us because it also is a chance to get extra feedback from other artists and non artists. That’s something I find every artist craves,” Pacheco said.

Robert Pozzi also contributes work to the art exhibit. He is a graphic designer, educator, and art therapist who usually focuses with pencils, ink as well as some painting.

Pozzi, now 42, has been in the business for years and understands that art isn’t extremely popular at Springfield College. However, he also knows much one can learn by creating art of all types.

“It’s a great way to inspire others, and share something about yourself with your peers that they might not know,” Pozzi said.

art pic 2
Photo courtesy of Sam Leventhal.

Like Pacheco, Pozzi thinks that the art exhibit is very important to the school, but he would like to see more work done to it. The art exhibit offers some amazing pieces, but it might not be enough for the whole school to see.

“I would say expand it, so people could share more of what they do, and not just limit it to a few pieces at a time,” Pozzi said. “Maybe save a time block so other students on campus could share their art too, I’m sure there are other artists on campus who are in other programs, and no one may ever see what they do, or who they could inspire,” Pozzi said.

With all sorts of art out there, all artists have their own meaning behind their work. Many would love for others to understand what it’s about, but some might not care about that. For Pozzi, he doesn’t mind.

“My work is all emotional based, I do my art for me, and no one else. If they don’t understand what it’s about, I’m okay with that, because I understand it,” Pozzi said.

Both Pacheco and Pozzi love the work that they do along with the work others. The student art exhibit is something that the school offers to show all of campus. The artists think outside the box, and have a thrill doing what they love.

“When I feel as though I am finished, it’s satisfying. However, there are some that I would love to keep working, but you can over do it on a piece, so you need to tell yourself to stop,” Pozzi said.

When Pacheco finishes a piece she’s created, she finds herself at an emotional tear . For her, it’s amazing to finish what she started because she gets to admire what she’s done, and they’re beyond proud of what they’ve accomplished.

With the student arts exhibit being a way to show off the work, it adds the extra bit of sweetness to finishing projects. It is a showcase for all artists to have their talent seen, and the students on campus to be proud of what the artists have done.

As Pozzi said, “You can learn a lot about a person by the art they create.”

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