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2014 NFL Season Predictions: Winners and Losers

Brendan McLean
Staff Writer




Photo Courtesy: NFL Facebook Page
Photo Courtesy: NFL Facebook Page

Welcome to the best part of the sports calendar. College Football and the NFL are beginning, while the MLB postseason race really begins to separate the contenders from the pretenders. But let’s stick to the NFL.

The last time we watched a football game, we saw the Seattle Seahawks absolutely embarrass the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl. On Thursday night, we saw the Seahawks look just as good when they rolled over the Green Bay Packers in the regular season opener.

There were a lot of major moves throughout the offseason, giving many teams hope that they have a chance to make the playoffs. Some teams already suffered major injuries that may hinder their chances of making the playoffs. Robert Mathis, who had 19.5 sacks last season, will be out for the remainder of the season, and the Colts’ defense just suffered a major hit.

Predictions are tough to do in any aspect of sports. It’s even tougher in a sport like football, where injuries happen all the time. So when I make these predictions, I am assuming health at the important positions.

So let’s get it going. In the AFC east, I like the New England Patriots to come out on top with a record of 12-4 and be the number one overall seed in the AFC. In the AFC West, I see the Denver Broncos going 12-4 and being the number 2 seed in the AFC. I see the Patriots winning the tie breaker over the Broncos. In the AFC south, I love the Colts to go 11-5 and come out with the number 3 seed in the AFC picture. Andrew Luck is simply too good, and that division is pitiful. I see the Pittsburgh Steelers going 10-6 and claiming the AFC north. With my two wildcard spots, I like the San Diego Chargers to go 11-5 and come in 5th place in the AFC. With the final wild card spot, I like the New York Jets to grab it with a 10-6 record.
AFC: 1. Patriots 2. Broncos 3. Colts 4. Steelers 5. Chargers 6. Jets

Now over to the NFC. I like the Saints to go 13-3 and win the NFC south while grabbing home field advantage throughout the playoffs and claim the number one overall seed. Grabbing the number two seed, I like the defending champion Seattle Seahawks to finish the year at 12-4 while winning the NFC west. In the NFC north I see the Green Bay Packers winning this division with an 11-5 record and claiming the number three seed. Wrapping up our division winners, I like the Philadelphia Eagles to run away with the putrid NFC east. My two wild card teams will be the 12-4 San Francisco 49ers and the 10-6 Arizona Cardinals.
NFC: 1. Saints 2. Seahawks 3. Packers 4. Eagles 5. 49ers 6. Cardinals

In the AFC championship, I think we will see a rematch of last season–only this time in New England I think the Patrots will prevail over the Denver Broncos and advance to the Super Bowl. With both teams’ additions, both defenses will be improved. These two teams are very even, but with a healthy Rob Gronkowski, I like the Patriots to advance.

In the NFC championship, I like the New Orleans Saints to beat the Seattle Seahawks and advance to play New England in the Super Bowl. The Saints added Jarius Byrd to an already good defense. The Saints have a lethal offense and now a good defense. I think “Who Dat Nation” will be loud and proud as they watch their team march on to the Super Bowl.

Now on to the most important part of the season: I like the New England Patriots to beat the New Orleans Saints in Super Bowl 49. The Patriots haven’t won in 10 seasons, but they have been knocking on the door in every one of them. The Pats went all in when they acquired Darrelle Revis this offseason. The Pats are locked and loaded and have their eyes set on playing their final game in Arizona, this time coming up on top.

As for individual awards, I like Andrew Luck to win most valuable player. I love this player and think he is very close to becoming the best quarterback in football. He is literally going to have to carry that team to the playoffs. Andrew Luck, in my opinion, will be the best player in football this season.

As for best defensive player in football, I think J.J. Watt will claim those honors. The stud defensive lineman for the Texans is the best all-around lineman in the league. He is good against the run and the pass; he can shed blocks and make tackles. Watt is a flat-out beast and I don’t see many teams stopping him this season.

I like Mike McCoy in San Diego to win coach of the year. He took a bad football team last season and brought them to within one score of playing in the AFC title game. McCoy is a good quarterback coach, and he has really helped Philip Rivers. I think the Chargers are going to be a really good team and go on a run, and Mike McCoy will be a huge reason why.

Finally, my surprise team, which you already saw in my playoff rankings, was the New York Jets. I love what they have on defense. They can get after the quarterback and can stop the run. The Jets have questions at quarterback with Geno Smith but they have enough around him to make it as a wild card.


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