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Brian Krylowicz Ready to Head Up the Counseling Center

Matt Vaghi
Graphic Design Editor

Brian Krylowicz is taking over as the new director of the Counseling Center at Springfield College.

For many college students, cases of anxiety, relationship issues and depression can set in and lead to daunting problems affecting their mental, emotional and physical condition. Fortunately, there are college counseling services that encourage both undergraduate, and graduate students to come in and discuss these issues in order to improve their overall health.
With another school year beginning, the Springfield College Counseling Center has welcomed a brand new director to provide the leadership and skills needed to continue to offer guidance to troubled students.

Brian Krylowicz, who holds over 10 years of counseling experience at Casper College, Truman State University and the University of Montana, has stepped in as the new director, replacing former director Dick Whiting. Whiting retired in the spring of 2011 after serving in the position for 40 years. Last year the Counseling Center functioned without a director at the helm, which created a pressing need for new leadership.

“It was very different and sad in many ways,” Counseling Center Administrative Assistant Nancy Bosques-Levesque said.  “We certainly missed a leader and we [as a staff] felt that void.”

With such large shoes to fill, Krylowicz understands that Whiting’s 40 years of service at the Counseling Center embossed a remarkable legacy.

“I think the heart of this place is fantastic,” Krylowicz said. “I’m looking to add on things that the average student doesn’t really know about. The idea of doing little things to make the Counseling Center more visible is what I’m looking to do.”

“Brian has done a remarkable transition in filling a position that was long held by the former director of almost 40 years,” Bosques-Levesque added.

Some of the new components that Krylowicz has already contributed to the Counseling Center include implementing an electronic record system that will keep student files and notes more organized and accessible. He also hopes to collaborate with other campus departments and clubs to subtly raise student awareness of the Counseling Center.

“One of our colleagues uses the line, ‘We want to be highly visible but highly private,’” Krylowicz said.  “We want people to know about us. Most people are a little scared about coming in here, but I think that by the time they leave their first meeting with us they go, ‘I like that.’”

“Brian has quickly moved into his leadership skills by opening the lines of communication with staff and community,” Bosques-Levesque added. “His vision for the Counseling Center is one to improve the operations of the office by implementing a user-friendly, electronics medical records (EMR) system, and to create an environment that works collaboratively with other departments.”

Outside of the Counseling Center, Krylowicz has been more than impressed with Springfield College’s culture and Humanics philosophy, which relates to his personal outlook on health.

“Part of my desire to be here is that the school is committed to the mind, body and spirit [Humanics] concept,” Krylowicz said. “From a counseling center’s perspective, it’s nice to have a college see that the whole person needs to be educated.”

Krylowicz’s last job was as the director of the counseling center at the University of Montana, which had over 15,000 students, many of whom lived off-campus. With a desire to work at a smaller school, Springfield College was a promising prospect.

“I was at a large school and realized that it didn’t match how I saw the vision of mental health,” Krylowicz said. “Being back at an intimate school is very appealing to me.”

Despite being a new member of campus, Krylowicz, along with the rest of the Counseling Center staff, will continue to strive to help students overcome emotional and mental burdens. Seeing them conquer these challenges is perhaps the most rewarding aspect of working in the counseling field.

“These issues take up so much of their energy and time,” Krylowicz said.  “Any way that someone can help carry them through those difficult times is rewarding. Having that moment when someone ‘walks across the stage’ and you see them get better is the benefit.”

With a full year ahead of him, Krylowicz has been extremely pleased with the way the job has gone thus far.

“In every direction it’s gone better than I imagined,” Krylowicz said.  “From a professional standpoint, I was impressed by Springfield College when I came, and I’m even more impressed since I’ve been here.”

The rest of the Counseling Center staff are also firm believers in Krylowicz’s potential.

“I see Brian as a visionary who will embrace new ideas and who can create a culture that can help develop and implement those ideas,” Bosques-Levesque said. “All in all, Brian has the opportunity to direct and guide the Counseling Center to new heights.”

The Springfield College Counseling Center is located in the Towne Student Health Center and is a free service for all students. It is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Students can schedule an appointment by calling 413-748-3345. 

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