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Longchamp Lives On

Taylor Hassa
Staff Writer

This year marks the 64th year of the brand Longchamp’s existence. The elegant French brand is known for its handbags that come in both canvas and leather.

It all began in 1948 when Jean Cassegrain inherited a tobacco farm from his family. Cassegrain had the idea to cover the tobacco pipes in leather, and that covering quickly became a luxury item only found at Cassegrain’s store.

The company eventually expanded to bags, leather goods and other accessories. Philippe Cassegrain, Jean’s son, is currently the head of this now-thriving company that is continuing to grow and expand.

Longchamp’s most popular line of bags is the Le Pliage collection. If you look around campus, just about every other girl is carrying this bag. It is popular among teenagers because, although pricey, the quality is second to none.

The bag is practical and fashionable at the same time. Not to mention the canvas surface of the bag makes it 100 times easier to clean than other bags. It also folds down to travel size when not being used.

The leather accents on the top flap and both handles give the bag its signature look. This trendy bag also comes in many different colors and sizes.

You can find one that’s the perfect size for a book bag or a smaller one that makes the perfect handbag for either a classy function or a casual everyday bag.

The colors range from animal prints to bright oranges and pinks. They also come in neutral colors like green, brown, gray, slate blue and black, making it easy to find a bag to go with just about anything.

So go to the nearest Longchamp outlet and follow the trend of the Le Pliage.

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