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About Us: The Springfield College Radio Station

It is an exciting time here at WSCB. With a couple of significant improvements, 89.9 will be able to kick of a brand new era in Springfield College broadcasting this Fall.

89.9 “The Birthplace,” has made great strides in the past two years. Once we officially moved into a more central, modern location in Abbey-Appleton Hall, we were able to create a more broadcast friendly atmosphere with a few physical adjustments.

The station was able to add substantially to its schedule, maintaining almost 60 hours of on-air broadcasting. Currently, the studio is going through a series of technological improvements that will greatly influence the quality of our programming. With the new equipment, WSCB will be able to make the much-anticipated move to the world wide web by streaming their signal on PrideNET, and soon enough,

The wait has been an extensive one. However, thanks to the devotion of our board, advisor, and the support of Springfield College, WSCB has now reached unchartered territory.

This site now serves as your headquarters for everything Springfield College Radio. Come here for our complete on-air broadcast schedule, roster, podcasts, and much more.

Welcome, to “The Birthplace.”


Ryan Matlack WSCB Board President

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