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Magician Peter Boie Makes Springfield College Believe

Meghan Zimbler
Staff Writer

Photo courtesy Peter Boie Facebook page
Photo courtesy Peter Boie Facebook page

Magic filled the Springfield College air Wednesday night, as illusions and mind-blowing performances took place on the Fuller Arts Center stage.

Peter Boie calls himself the “Magician for Non-Believers.” He took the stage, opening up with performances that had the audience in shock, making things happen that only true magicians could do.
The event was run by CAB, the Campus Activities Board, who also run events such as Midnight Bingo. Jen Rollinson, the marketing and promoting leader for CAB, stated that bringing a magician to campus is, “something new we can bring to the student body.”

“It blows your mind,” said Rollinson, and that could not be closer to the truth. Boie performed tricks that stood out, and couldn’t be seen anywhere else. Boie did not just start his performance at 8 p.m. in Fuller Arts, instead, he started way before in Cheney Hall as he uplifted the dinner hours by performing tricks to students. When 8 o’clock hit, the lights went off in Fuller Arts and an array of magic filled the stage. For a little over an hour, all eyes were on Boie as he showed his talents as a magician.

One performance he did was with two volunteers. Boie tried showing ghost communications by touch, temperature change and sound. One contestant actually had two chalkboards at the end of the performance, which stated “I’m here Brie,” supposedly being from the ghosts. The volunteer’s name was Brie Engelbrecht, a freshman here at SC.

“My mind was blown [when she saw her name on the chalkboard]. I didn’t know what to do.”

The show went on, with things such as asking an audience member how many licks it took to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop. After revealing how many licks it took, the end of the show was shocking, as Boie opened a sealed envelope. The paper inside stated the flavor, cherry, and how many licks, 793.

“It felt awesome. There was lots of energy,” stated the magic man himself at the end of the show. “I like to see reactions. Every crowd has their own differences.”

The show was a must-see performance, and Boie truly intrigued the audience. His mind-blowing, chaotic acts left the viewers wanting more and wondering how all of it happened. Peter Boie was just one of many performances that CAB brings to SC. There will be many more events, such as the popular Midnight Bingo, and other comedians and magicians in the future.

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