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A capella ready to sing to Blake Arena

By Ali Izzi


An illuminated stage filled with talented vocalists will replace the courts of Blake Arena this Friday night at 7 p.m. Instead of buzzers and whistles, spectators will be serenaded by the heavenly voices of fellow Springfield College students.  The A Capella Society will be hosting their annual Holiday Concert for the whole campus community to enjoy, and they are especially excited for Friday, as they say this concert will be like no other.
Ben Ryan, a junior at Springfield and a director of the group, shared his enthusiasm for heading to the stage and gave some insight into the redesigned society. At the beginning of the academic year, Maroon XIII and The Pride Pitches merged to become one group, and though in doing so they had to cut down their number of group songs, they made room for individuals to have their shining moments.
“This year we have the group songs and their very own solos without the group. It’ll be very fun! Last year there was also two groups so we had probably 12 a cappella songs, it would be too difficult to accomplish with one group hence why we added our own solos,” said Ryan.
The united group usually meets twice per week, averaging about four hours of rehearsal time, but Ryan explained that as the show nears, rehearsals become an everyday endeavor.
Just as athletes get to show their talent during games, Friday night these vocalists will get to display their semester of hard work, and Ryan explained they are looking for a similar crowd of support.
“They should expect to be wowed by the amount of talent we have here at Springfield College. We’re always overshadowed by athletics and the arts never get enough love. We get at least 300 to 600 people per concert depending on where we hold it,” noted Ryan. With this show at the center of Blake Arena, the group is hoping for the latter outcome.
The A Capella Society has been known for their wide range of works, both mainstream and a few throwbacks, but for this concert, they are keeping their musical selection a surprise.  The group invites everyone to come out and enjoy the vocal display, and maybe even sing along to a few. Ryan explained many times that this performance will be special, so spectators should anticipate a spectacular musical evening.
“We would absolutely love the support of our fellow classmates and professors. This show is much different from the rest and you won’t regret showing up, I can promise that. You’ll even see a twist that’ll catch your eye.”

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