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A Cappella group “Filharmonic” performs at the Student Union

Ben Ryan
Staff Writer

On a chilly yet beautiful Friday night, The Filharmonic was set to take the stage outside of the Richard B. Flynn student Union at 8p.m. in front of close to 200 people. However, the scenery was a little bit different from what it has experienced before.

While going to perform at a college under 4,000 students is more than enough people to give anybody stage fright, The Filharmonic is well adjusted to any amount of fans at its shows. Before the performance at Springfield College, The Filharmonic was a contestant and the fourth-place finisher on the fourth season of The Sing Off.

The Sing Off is a competitive television show that features strictly a cappella groups, which means that they don’t use any instruments and make every sound solely through their vocal cords. Depending on the sizing of a group, most a cappella groups have a few vocalists and one or two beat-boxers.

The Filharmonic, an all-Filipino group, consists of six members: Vocalists Joe Caigoy, Barry Fortgang, Trace Gaynor, VJ Rosales, and vocal bass Jules Cruz. Its beat boxer, Niko Del Rey, can produce sounds that your mind cannot even fathom.

On Friday night The Filharmonic performed a wide variety of songs for the students of Springfield College. By singing Bruno Mars, Nick Jonas, Clean Bandit, Ariana Grande, and even a compilation of love songs of various genres, The Filharmonic kept the crowd involved and on its feet with its incredibly soothing voices, vocal riffs, and interesting dance moves.

After finishing The Sing Off, the group shared the stage with Linkin Park, the Black Eyed Peas, and Pentatonix. Even after that, the fun didn’t stop as Filharmonic was asked to be apart of the movie Pitch Perfect 2, the sequel to the 2012 hit film Pitch Perfect.

“This something that we live for, we all did college a cappella. So to be on a national platform and represent our culture is just amazing,” Del Rey said.

The musical director for The Sing Off is also the musical director for Pitch Perfect. After hearing how fantastic they were live, they received an email asking to be in the movie.

As amazing has the group’s ride has been thus far, this is only the beginning. Established just two years ago in2013, things can only get better for the Filharmonic. In fact, performing on the national stage of The Sing Off was its first ever time performing live as a group.

“The stage fright was beyond real. I’m pretty sure we all blacked out before that first show,” Caigoy said.

Four tenor/baritone vocalists, one bass vocalist, and an incredible beat boxer are all the Filharmonic need to be an amazing group. No instruments, no fake sounds; all it has is pure talent and that talent was certainly showcasedon Friday night at Springfield College. The group gave the students a little taste of just how far a few voices can really go.

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