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A first hand experience of Fortnite

Daniela Detore
Assistant Sports Editor

After 60 minutes on the clock, I was in my sixth round of Fortnite.

That’s around the time where I realized all my years of playing Mario have paid off in a tremendously competitive way.

I was in the final five.

I was shamefully a bag of Sour Patch deep and in the midsts of crushing a even larger bag of Skittles.

It came down to me and MrLaffyTaffy.

He must have hada military grade Fortnite weapon. This guy was on a killing spree of 11 people.

The storm was closing in on me and I knew that I have seriously messed up.

I had no fort.

Being pushed in by the storm with only seconds on the clock, my character stared up at individual fortresses all around the center of the arena.

Somewhere deep in my naive Fortnite knowledge, I knew that the end was near.

College kids from all around the country were about to rain hell on me.

And they did.

MrLaffyTaffy, the hitman, added another victim to his list.


In July of 2017, EPIC Games released the first version of Fortnite, which nearly broke the Internet.

The game which rose to fame for its 100-person Battle Royale mode can be accessed for free on platforms such as Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

At first glance, the critically acclaimed video game does not have much of a curb appeal. The games are short and do not have much depth to them.

Just survive.

However, in the last man standing, survival deathmatch, a short game is all the fun. There is minimal time in order to strategize a plan for winning and surviving. It’s a race against the clock to see who will be victorious as this mysterious “storm” shrinks the playing arena, forcing the players within the same proximity.

During my first ever Fortnite escapade I was faced in a one-on-one dual with just axes.

So like a baby giraffe running through Pleasant Park I was hacking at some digital character like a medieval viking.

It was utter chaos.

I ended up dying in a pretty frantic fashion which immediately led to two more consecutive rounds of getting my head blown off by a shotgun and lit up like a christmas tree by an assault rifle.  

All within the span of 7 minutes.

None the less, I remained fully confident that I would finish top 10 as long as I had the controller in my hand.  

After a new personal best in round four making it to the round of 32, I ended up killing myself by walking directly into a trap.

It was definitely a step backwards for sure, however I was starting to get the hang of it.

By round six I made it to the final five and just like that I was addicted.

The simplicity of the game makes it so sensational. It was easy to pick up and it was really fast paced. Which keeps you on the edge of your seat and doesn’t make it too time consuming.

Since the release, Epic Games has updated the original Battle Royale, to partner raids and a squad mode, all while maintaining the same concept of outrunning zombies, the storm and trying to survive.

The most recent update will include a new mode that will pit five teams of 20 against each other. According to Polygon.com, the new release will be available today, March 8.

The solo mode game broke the internet, I’m curious as to what a team of 20 will do to gamers all over.

Who would you pick to be on your team?

Daniela can be reached at ddetore@springfieldcollege.edu

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