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A look at Juliana Claudio’s sticker business on campus

By Collin Atwood

 When the coronavirus pandemic forced the country to shut down and families were locked in their houses, some people picked up new hobbies or learned a new skill. For Juliana Claudio, she found joy in starting her own small business selling stickers.

“As any small business starts you know, bored over quarantine,” said Claudio, who is a junior at Springfield College majoring in Physical Therapy.

After scrolling on Redbubble looking for Springfield College stickers, Claudio decided to try something new and create her own sticker using a Cricut. “I figured out how to make them myself and design them on my computer and now I have a business,” Claudio said.

She started off just making Springfield College themed stickers, but quickly ventured out into making stickers with all sorts of sayings. “Treat people with kindness” ; “Radiate positivity” and “Wear your mask” are all sayings that can be found in sticker form at Juliana’s Sticker Shop.

Claudio sells her waterproof stickers for just two dollars and also loves making custom orders for customers. “People can message me with a design idea and I can make it, or they have their own design and no way to make the sticker, I can also do that.”

After becoming more popular, Claudio was able to partner with clubs on campus and other companies outside of Springfield College.

Stickers aren’t the only thing that can be found at her sticker shop. Claudio has made face masks for the Health Science major on campus and sold t-shirts for a limited time.

Claudio’s t-shirts were a huge hit for her fast-growing business. “It had a big turnout, so that’ll be something I do again.” Her t-shirts were motivational with sayings such as “Keep going” and “I am enough.”

Claudio thought that these shirts would really spread the awareness of mental health and help people with their own health. 

“It’s not like mental health, but in your head, reminding yourself that you matter, you are enough, that you don’t need to worry about what other people think. I just thought it was a very powerful shirt,” Claudio said.

She also thought these shirts fit the mindset and culture felt on the Springfield College campus. She feels that the students here love spreading positivity. “I feel like the people of Springfield College are very motivating people…I think positive affirmations are a big thing on campus.”

Making these stickers for her customers puts a smile on Claudio’s face, as well as the customers. “Small business, when they get orders we get so excited,” Claudio said. This business was very important for her own mental health during quarantine. “It gave me something to do and something to look forward to,” she added.

Although this business started off as a way to get through quarantine, Juliana’s Sticker Shop has transformed into a place where you can find fun and creative stickers that also spread the message of positivity and happiness.

To order stickers you can send a direct message to on Instagram or visit

Photo: Collin Atwood/The Student

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