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A Look Behind the Scenes: Home Show 2011

Stephen Graham

Staff Writer

Student Staff Writer and men’s gymnast Stephen Graham takes a look back at this year’s 102nd Springfield College Gymnastics Home Show that took place on Oct. 14-15.

No one outside of those behind the scenes really knows how much time and effort goes into the making of Springfield College’s annual Home Show.  After four years, each Home Show is different; not just the themes, but the people, the dynamic and the preparation that goes into each one.  Now, I’m not here to justify my class absences due to late night rehearsals over the past four years (we probably don’t have time for that), but what I will tell you, is that it’s an experience like no other here at Springfield College.

I’ve done shows in the past for my old club teams as a child, but back then, you were always guaranteed to have a blast.  All you had to do was listen to your cues, remember who you were after, and sneak in some flirtation time with the girl’s team that you wouldn’t otherwise get during normal practice hours.

Alright, I guess not much has changed since then, but there’s certainly more involvement and improvisation disguised within each show.  There will always be numbers and parts of the show that you’ll hate to do.  Some of them can be far too cheesy and more honky-tonk dancing than you’d like to do in a lifetime, but in the end, it’s all for the show.

Home Show is one of those events that looks easier than it really is.  Sure, say obviously, but that’s not necessarily what i’m speaking about.  You see, the skills can be hard, but for the most part, it’s what most of us have been doing for ten-plus years.  Gymnastics has been our heart and soul since we were all kids, but the showmanship is different when you’re in the show.  Some of us are better at it than others, but what you end up learning, as the show evolves, is how to have fun.

In the past four years i’ve seen rehearsals last until almost two in the morning on weekdays.  This particular  week is called “Hell Week” and it’s exactly how it sounds.  These are the nights during the week when we move all of the equipment from Kresge Gym into Blake Arena.  It’s the start of long nights right after classes and all week until the Home Show. It’s dozens of re-dos, mishaps, soreness, exhaustion, temper flares, and the occasional “I freakin’ hate Home Show!” comments.  However, with each crazy night, there’s more laughter, smiles, and just plain goofiness that fills the arena, and the road to Home Show ends up being a journey where friendships are grown and permeated as each number progresses.

Home Show truly is an experience that’s easier to be lived, than just merely watched.

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Correction for Video and Slideshow: Correct spelling for Steve Lefever is Steve Lafever. 

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