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E-Cigs Added to Smoking Ban

Eddie Gibbon

Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of Drew Broffman.
Photo courtesy of Drew Broffman.

A new trend among college students has been “vaping”, or the use of electronic cigarettes. For those who don’t know, an electronic cigarette is used to inhale a nicotine-based liquid, that’s supposed to resemble the feeling of smoking tobacco.

This summer however, the Springfield College administration decided that it was for the best to ban “e-cigs”, while more research gets done on them.

“The only thing we changed for this year, was to make an interim decision to extend the existing smoking policy to include e-cigarettes,” said Shannon Filling.

According to Filling, more and more campuses across the country are becoming tobacco free, and we are potentially looking to do the same.

Filling, who recently joined the Springfield College community as the new vice president for student affairs in July, described how a study group created by President Mary-Beth Cooper last winter was to look at the possibility of expanding to make Springfield College completely tobacco free.

“This summer we asked them to add e-cigarettes to their study.”

Filling went on to elaborate that once the study group finishes their research and makes their recommendations the administration will make a final decision on the fate of electronic cigarettes.

“I’m sure there are people who fall on the side of it’s a personal choice,” said Filling, “but when does your personal choice impact someone else?”

While there may be people who disagree with this decision, there are just too many questions that need to be answered in regards to electronic cigarettes. Until those questions are answered expect our dorms and buildings here at Springfield College to remain completely smoke free.

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