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Ryan Matlack

Managing Editor

WSCB is relieved to announce that after a five-month hiatus, we have regained a signal over our 89.9 frequency. Although the station had a brand new antenna in it’s possession before the tornado hit, we were not immediately able to get back on the air.

However, delays in the process ensued as we learned other equipment had been damaged by the storm. Naturally, this equipment was not cheap.

Finally after we were able to add a brand new transmitter and audio processor to our studio upgrade estimate, the wait for its arrival began.

On October 28th the antenna and accompanying devices were installed in International Hall. The job was completed this past Thursday on the studio end.

WSCB would like thank the listeners, whether they are tuning in on campus or from the surrounding community, for their patience throughout the process. This recent achievement only fuels the fire for future improvement. We urge you to turn that dial back to “The Birthplace,” as WSCB continues to get better each day.

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