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Albums of Summer 2015

Photo courtesy of AER Facebook page.
Photo courtesy of AER Facebook page.

Brandon Eckles

Staff Writer

From May to August, a lot of things are happening. The summer is a time of being active. I spent my summer going to the gym, hitting the beach, working, and going on road trips with my family. I was always up to something new and different every day. My lifestyle for the summer was to say “Why not?” rather than “Why?” One of my favorite memories from this summer was going to Firefly Music Festival in Dover, Del. I saw such a variety of music groups and that really diversified my palette for music. A palette that I would say was already diversified, as I enjoy almost every genre of music.

Depending on what I was doing, my music choice was different. I never stuck to one genre of music. As random as my summer was, so was my music choice. I listened to anything from Sam Hunt to A$AP Rocky and everything in between. The music I listened to was new and old. The five albums that were most consistent in my headphones this summer covered all ends of the spectrum. Looking back on my summer, these are the albums that defined those few months.

Brightside, Aer

This album was Aer’s debut in 2012, but these songs are meant to be listened to in the summer. Their style of music is interesting because they put under the guise of rap, but they have reggae and pop influences as well. The songs that most resonated with me this summer were “Floats My Boat”, “Like the Way”, and “Songbird.” All three of them speak to the carefree mentality of younger adults and have that feel-good beat that keeps your head subliminally bobbing. There is a mix of mellow rhymes and upbeat flow that are perfect songs for a day at the beach.

Talking Is Hard, Walk the Moon

Before this summer, Walk the Moon never showed up on my iPod. They were one of the groups that I really fell in love with when I saw them live at Firefly. The mood of their music is attractive to young adults like Aer, but in a different way. Their well-known hit is “Shut Up and Dance”, and is upbeat alternative rock that actually makes you want to (no pun intended) shut up and dance. I like Walk the Moon because of their versatility. They have songs that are upbeat and alternative, but also some that more associated with indie rock. They also bring influences from 80’s rock, which was something I really loved hearing too.

Montevallo, Sam Hunt

My summer would not have been complete without country music. If we did not have summer, country artists would not have much to sing about, because the two go together perfectly. My favorite artist of the summer was Sam Hunt because of his masterful debut album, Montevallo. From start to finish, the album always had me belting out the lyrics in my car with the windows down. Sam Hunt has a style of country music that is non-traditional. He twists regular country with some R&B, which is a bold move, but I think that is why Montevallo was probably my favorite album of the summer because of its uniqueness.


Gold, Sublime

One of the classics of the 90s is still alive in my iPod. Sublime has some of the greatest hits in my opinion because of their ability to bring in acoustic rock and upbeat lyrics. Sublime is another group that jumps around with their style. They switch between rock, rap, and reggae influences. “What I Got” is my favorite song because they show with their versatility that the track can sound just as good in a reprised form. This album is diverse and full of jams. So many, in fact, that it takes up two discs.

This was just a taste of my iPod this summer, but I can assure you that these albums will not be thrown into the archives any time soon. They are songs that can be listened to whenever and that’s why I enjoy them.

However my summer was not just limited to these genres of music. If there is something that music lovers should do, it’s to discover music new and old and diversify what they listen to because it’s always surprising what can be found.

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