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All Aboard the Intern-Ship!

Pat Kenney
Campus News Editor


It’s all about making connections.

Finding an internship can be difficult, especially if you do not know where to start or even what to do. The Springfield College Career Center has found a way to help students meet with certain companies and connect with people through their annual Internship Fair.

Taking place on Tuesday, Oct. 22 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., the Internship Fair helps students find internships in any field they want. Set up much like a job fair, the Internship Fair is a way for students to expand their connections and make a good first impression.

“It introduces students to possible employers and gets their name out there,” stated Suzanne Nowlan, the assistant director of the Career Center. “Employers like to see experience on resumes, and internships allow students to gain experience in their field of choice.”

No matter what program you are in, internships help out in many ways. From experience, to gaining knowledge,  to creating your own network, internships help students start their career paths and help them to understand everything that is involved within their career of choice.

With over 50 employers coming on Tuesday, the Internship Fair gives students the opportunity to meet and talk to perspective employers that they might not be able to do at any other time during the semester.

Nowlan suggests that, even if they do not appear to have any openings in your field of work, talk to a number of companies because there are always openings in design, marketing, public relations and more, which are all great learning opportunities for any major.

If you are unable to make it Tuesday, the Career Center and your advisors are always willing to help students acquire internships.

“The Career Center is always here to help and the list of employers that will be at the Internship Fair will be on the website for those who cannot make it,” said Nowlan.

Nowlan also encouraged students who are going to the Internship Fair to bring their resumes to handout to potential employers.

“We encourage students to prepare a resume before they go,” said Nowlan, “If you need help with your resume, the Career Center can help with that as well.”
The Internship Fair will be held in Judd Gymnasia, and if you have any questions, email Suzanne Nowlan or the Career Center.

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