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Alumni look back fondly on time at Springfield College during homecoming weekend

By Tucker Paquette

2022 Homecoming Weekend at Springfield College, by nature, presented an opportunity for Springfield College alumni to reminisce about their time on Alden Street, experiences they remember fondly and vividly. And boy, did they take full advantage of this chance. 

The time when someone ended up driving their car in the lake, and how it stayed there for years. The time Bruce Springsteen played two concerts at Springfield College (one of which was interrupted by a snowstorm) for $500. 

These stories and many others were casually exchanged this past Saturday afternoon at the FREE Fabulous Food Truck Festival, as participants were seated under a tent behind Blake Arena with partly cloudy skies above.

While the weather wasn’t particularly conducive to a fun time, those who came back to their alma mater to attend the weekend’s festivities certainly didn’t mind. 

In fact, with all the smiles and laughter that could be seen and heard, an uninformed onlooker would likely observe how people were having a great time while reliving their past, and catching up on the present. 

This event, one of several that were on the schedule for this Homecoming Weekend, featured food trucks, providing alumni with yet another reason to pull up a chair and recall their precious pastimes.  

One such topic that drew thoughtful reaction was how the course of studies at Springfield College has broadened as time has passed.

“I’m impressed at how they’ve expanded their curriculum,” alumnus Bill Libardoni said.

When Libardoni was a student at Springfield College, approximately 75% of his peers were physical education majors. 

Nowadays, however, while a notable number of students still major in that realm and ones similar to it, there is a wider variety of academic areas for students to choose from. 

What’s more, Libardoni also echoed a sentiment that was shared by others at the festival when he commented on how attending Springfield College has impacted his life in the best of ways.

“I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Springfield,” Libardoni said. “Whenever I come back here, I really do get a sense of pride.”

When students are getting started at Springfield College, they hear a lot about how this school is a welcoming and cheerful environment. 

While this may seem almost too good to be true to some people, Libardoni’s unique perspective highlights the effects that Springfield College has and can continue to have on students and alumni alike. 

Now, Libardoni works as a financial planner. There are countless other alumni who have also found success in life. And like Libardoni, if they were asked, many of them would likely credit Springfield College for helping them reach their goals.

Serving as a place to dive deep into the good old days, Homecoming Weekend was highlighted by a relaxing, enjoyable time. 

Even though many stories were told and a lot of experiences were re-lived, there are surely countless others yet to be uncovered. Luckily for Springfield College alumni, there’s always next year. 

Photo: Springfield College


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