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An Inside Look at a Palm Reading

Taylor Hassa

Staff Writer

On Monday night, a very unique event took place at the Springfield College Richard B. Flynn Campus Union. Four psychics with different specialties came to offer students the opportunity to have their fortunes and futures told courtesy of the Campus Activities Board.

By far, the longest line was for the woman doing the palm readings. Freshman Nick Lovett and I stood in line for almost two hours before it was finally our turn.

The psychic started off by examining our dominant hand to determine which one of the four hands we were: earth, air, fire or water.

I have longer palms and longer fingers, so that made me a water hand. Lovett, however, had longer fingers and a square palm which made him an air hand.

She said the water hand was the most sensitive of all the hand types. She also told me that I am a perfectionist and that when something needs to get done, I do it because I know I can get it done right.

I was shocked at how right on she was about who I am. She was looking at the lines on my hand and showing me how many stress lines there are. I learned from her that I need to relax before the stress lines consume more of my life line.

When she turned her attention to Lovett’s hand, it came as no surprise that she pegged him as practical, reliable and dependable. Everyone knows he is a good friend and she could tell just by looking at the lines on his hands that he was the “‘57 Chevy of hand types.” She was mesmerizing.

The next thing she showed us was our heart line. She said that for every major thing that has caused us heartache, there is a line on the heart line. They look like little tallies keeping track of how many times you’ve been hurt or felt pain.

She knew by where the line ended on my hand that I am hard on myself and on others. Once again, she hit the nail on the head and told me I need to lighten up on myself and give people a chance. I need to stop taking everything to heart.

The last line she examined was called the head line. From this line, she is able to see how we think. She told me I was logical and a little creative because my line bent slightly.

I was blown away by her knowledge and how right she was about Lovett and me. It was an experience like none other, and I think I can say that everyone that got a turn took something away from it.

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