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AraabMuzik has an Electronic Musical Dream

Kevin Moss

Assistant A&E Editor

How often do you know the producer of the music you listen to? Not the guy that sings the song or someone who’s featured on the track, but the guy that makes the beat that has you throwing up your arms or bobbing your head to the beat. They typically go unnoticed unless they’re like Kanye West and have the ability to rap as well.

AraabMuzik may have found the perfect niche in which he can showcase the true talent of the producer. With the rise of dubstep, house and electronic music, AraabMuzik has been able to capitalize on performing his own variation of hits like Avicci (levels), Skrillex (Cinema) and Master P (Tetris). AraabMuzik does it all with the help of a producer’s best friend, the MPC.

MPC, or music production center, is a beat-making machine where you can cue in all the sounds to a different playable square, so that when you hit the square with your finger, it plays the sound that you have set to that square. It’s mostly used to create beats and make loops for hip hop songs.

AraabMuzik found a way to take the MPC to the stage by playing all of his music live. His ability to rapidly tap the pad in an increased syncopation with flawless precision is amazing. He was able to recreate the top electronic hits live, which makes him even more impressive than your average electronic DJ.

I recommend picking up his album Electronic Dream, which has a lot of the music that he plays live.

For more music knowledge from Kevin Moss check out his blog Snapbackrap.

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