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Arruda: Make Americans Proud Again

By Joe Arruda

We keep hearing to “vote like our futures depend on it,” and this is definitely true, but why?

What is different about this year’s election?

Truthfully, almost everything is different with this election compared to elections past. First, the incumbent President Trump has recently been diagnosed with Covid-19 along with several of his top aides and campaign managers.

After spending the last eight or so months denying the severity of the virus, even after over 200,000 Americans have died, the President has now had to deal with the pandemic first-hand.

But will defeating the virus make him look stronger?

Will he use all of this “new information” that he said he has learned in one of his videos from Walter Reed Military Hospital to actually (finally) do something?

Trump told Bob Woodward in February that the virus was “even more deadly than your strenuous flus,” but wanted to prevent panic among the American people, so he withheld the information.

The lies, the false narrative that has been directed towards the American people for the last four years are why we need to vote. The narcissistic, egotistical, clown – as Joe Biden referred to him during the first debate – must be replaced with someone who has the knowledge to care.

The President of the United States has more resources than anyone to educate themselves on issues plaguing our country, but the initial awareness of an issue takes a small bit of selflessness – which Trump has proven not to have.

He wouldn’t condemn white supremacy, but instead relayed a message as if he were telling domestic terrorists to just hold on a minute. When Trump said, “Proud boys, stand back and stand by,” I don’t believe he knew how dangerous that was.

The integrity of our country is at stake here. The White House has been home to the world’s most popular reality TV show rather than simply housing the most powerful leader of the free world.

Pride is on the ballot. Will we continue to be embarrassed whenever our “leaders” speak on national television?

Our country is more divided than anyone in our generation can remember, and this presidential ballot directly reflects that. Donald Trump and Joe Biden couldn’t be any more different (other than the fact that they’re both old white men), and their plans reflect that.

One candidate believes that access to affordable health care is important, the other wants to replace the current plan with one that doesn’t exist, and hasn’t been presented after four years already in office.

One candidate believes we should be making an effort to protect our environment and to rejoin the Paris Agreement when scientists have declared global warming to be as true as gravity, and the other refuses to believe that humans are affecting the environment and wants to loosen restrictions meant for environmental protection.

One candidate thinks women should have the right to their own body, and the other wants to appoint Supreme Court justices to overturn Roe v. Wade.

This is only the beginning.

The difference now is that one candidate at least tries to seem as though he cares about people other than himself, and the other could not even refer to the late U.S. Rep. John Lewis as a “good man” because he did not come to his inaugural address.

Remember when Trump ordered a group of peaceful protesters to be shot with rubber bullets and tear gas so that he could cross the street for a photo op? What about how he denounced the idea of White Privilege as “racist ideology”?

Does the majority of American remember what a leader is?

A leader unifies rather than divides. A leader puts the needs of the majority above the needs of the wealthy one percent. A leader contributes to the success of our nation rather than simply flaunting his personal wealth.

Instead of bragging about how they took advantage of a flawed tax break system, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone who would try to reform that?

When I was younger and allowed to dismiss politics because I simply didn’t care and thought it was boring, I always assumed that the president was a leader for the entire country regardless of who they ran with.

Now that I am less ignorant, I have realized that with the level of division in our current two-party system, the winner of the election is the leader of only his own team. Trump has spent the past four years leading the division.

Less than half of the population (according to the popular vote in the 2016 election) have blindly followed his lead like a cult and we are seeing the results on the news every night. Whether it be a peaceful protest, a riot, or a group of people upset that they have to wear a mask, this is Trump’s America.

Use your vote to restore integrity, selflessness and pride back into the White House.

We need a leader again.

Photo Courtesy of Jack Margaros

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