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Athletes of the Week: Alex Beauvais and Delaney Dyjak

Julian Santiago
Staff Writer



Alex Beauvais

Photo Courtesy
Photo Courtesy

After a freshman season in which Alex Beauvais made huge steps forward for the men’s swimming team, he has already proven the sophomore slump myth to be false. Beauvais has swam every possible freestyle event from the 50- to the 1000-yard, putting up quality times in each of them to help the Pride put up a 2-2 record. This past weekend against MIT, one of the nation’s top programs, was a perfect opportunity for the swimmers to rise up to the level of their competition. Beauvais rose to the challenge. Posting a time of 53.08 in the 100 freestyle, and 159.08 in the 200 freestyle, he may have had the best individual performance of anyone on the team.

Q. Do you feel any different at this point in your sophomore season then you did last year, your first year on the team?
A. Yes. Now that I know everyone on the team and have started building relationships with them I feel more confident and excited to work through the season. I also see more improvement than I was seeing at this time last year. Being more confident lets me attack practices more than I would and has already started to improve my times.

Q. With two straight tough losses against high quality opponents, how have you been able to keep focused on getting your own best times?
A. Just keep doing what I have been. Going into every practice looking to learn something new, always trying to improve my stroke and push myself.

Q. Having had success early in the season already, what are your goals looking like for the rest of the long season?
A.  My only goal right now is to start seeing my times drop, and have a very strong season after a strong start.


Delaney Dyjak

Photo Courtesy
Photo Courtesy

Last week, the women’s swimming and diving team reached the 13th rank in the nation after a promising start to the season. A major reason for that is the strong class of freshmen on the team, led by Delaney Dyjak. Despite being a freshman, Dyjak has been put in several key situations, both in individual races as well as relays. Last Saturday against the Coast Guard Academy and the University of Rhode Island, she out-touched her opponents for second in both the 50 freestyle and the 100 butterfly, gaining the crucial points for the team. She also helped the final relay of the day, the 200 freestyle, to again out-touch their opponent for an exciting victory.

Q. What has been the biggest adjustment for you going from high school swimming to college?
A. Everything is very different, but different in a good way. Having morning practices and lifting are new for me, but I already feel stronger and it has been a smooth adjustment.

Q. Being a freshman and one of the better swimmers on the team, are you feeling any extra pressure to perform at a high level in the big situations you have been put in?
A. No, the whole team works together and each member plays an important role. To me, we all share an equal amount of pressure and responsibility.

Q. The team has suffered two straight tough losses. Has that affected the morale or the mindset of the team in any way?
A. Not at all, our spirits are all still up. We have been performing very well despite our losses and it keeps us motivated to keep working hard.

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