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Athletes of the Week, April 18: Men’s Lacrosse’s Bryce Serriello and Women’s Lacrosse’s Michelle Dorsey

Alex Thomas
Staff Writer

Athletes-of-the-Week-april18Michelle Dorsey, Women’s Lacrosse

The Springfield College women’s lacrosse team is primed to make a run to the NEWMAC Tournament this year. The Pride have had a solid season, and are sitting above the .500 mark. The Pride, like many other teams here on campus, have a good mix of college veterans and young players primed to keep the program going. This season, Dorsey has been a key spark plug for the team this season, and that was clearly evident this past week. Dorsey played a key role in the Pride’s win over Wellesley and kept them close in a loss against Trinity.

Q. How have you felt your performance has been on the field this season? Up to par with your pre-season expectations?
A. This season I feel my performance on the field has been improving each game. With having a year of play under my belt, I definitely have more of a feel for each team and situation as they come in each game. There is always room for improvement, especially as a sophomore. Throughout pre-season, especially in the beginning, I was recovering from ankle surgery still, but I knew that I had to get my endurance up and ready to run the midfield. I also knew I had to be ready to help with transition both from defense to offense and offense to defense, as well as be more vocal and practice on reading my opponent’s better when it would come down to one versus one plays.

Q. This late in the season, how important is it for you girls to get wins, and is there a change in the way the games are approached?
A. Every game it is important for us to get a win. Whether we win or lose a game, it is also equally as important that we learn from each game and improve for the next games to follow. Every game is approached based on our opponents. Every team is different and we know that. Our coaches have done an excellent job with scouting each team that we face. We go into every game with a game plan that together as a team we have to follow every single minute that the game is going on.

Q. With an 8-6 record on the season, the team is above the .500 mark. With a game against MIT coming up Saturday, how important is it for the team to close the regular season out, and how important is that momentum that can be gained?
A. It is very important to close the regular season out on a positive note and with a win against MIT. Like I have said, every game is important, and it’s even more important to come out ready to play and end the regular season out on a good note so we can move forward to the playoffs. The momentum that can be gained is very important, and it will be important for us to keep that momentum into postseason play as well. MIT is next, and we have to take it one game at a time, just like we have all season. It is easy to look ahead to play-offs, but right now, we are focusing on MIT and finishing the season play out strong.

Q. What is the approach of the team knowing that the postseason is coming?
A. The approach of the team knowing that postseason is coming is really focusing at practice and taking what we practice to every game, and not just for half of the game, but for the whole game. We know what to expect, and we have a game plan for each team. We as a team have to follow the game plan and take one game at a time. The conference is in such a mix this year that anything is possible in NEWMAC tournament. We know how every team plays, especially how they play against us, and when the time comes and we know who we are playing first, we will prepare and be prepared for them. We are a team on and off the field. As long as we follow our game plan, trust each other at all times, trust our coaches at all times, and play together the whole game, we will be successful. We are a family, and I would not trade any one of my teammates or coaches for anyone else.

Bryce Serriello, Men’s Lacrosse

The men’s lacrosse team here at Springfield College is looking to build for the now and for the future. The Pride’s record might not be where they want it, but the program has taken big strides this season towards being a dominant force. While doing that, they are also competing this season. One of those young players that is setting the stage for the future is Bryce Serriello, a sophomore on the squad. Serriello has been a bright spot for the program, and is looking to become one of the cornerstone pieces.

Q. So far this season, has your sophomore year lived up to the expectations you had for on the field?
A. I think my expectations for myself have been kind of where I’ve wanted them to be. I’ve started to be more consistent. In the beginning of the year I was up and down.
Q. What do you think you will need to do to take that next step in your game?
A. Definitely preparing myself a lot better going into the season and taking care of my body.
Q. How will your team approach this crucial stretch drive?
A. Our approach as a team is [going to] play every game like its going to be our last.
Q. How would you grade this season overall, and what is the outlook for this squad moving forward in your mind?
A. I think it’s too soon to put a grade on the season. We’ve had our ups and downs, but we’ve stuck together as a family. Our future looks very promising. We all are starting to mature and the future looks promising.

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