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Athletes of the Week: Football’s Jonathan Marrero and Women’s Soccer’s Erin Greenstein

Brenden McLean
Contributing Writer

Erin Greenstein, Women’s Soccer

In the last three games the Women’s soccer team here at Springfield College is 2-1, and a huge part of that is due to the play of captain and starting goalie, Erin Greenstein. Greenstein has let in only 4 goal in her last four games, but allowed just one goal  against No. 6 Amherst. In two other appearences — a 1-0 win over Clark and a 2-0 win over Smith —  Greenstein posted two shutouts and was a major reason why Springfield College went 2-1 in their last three games. Her latest outing against Williams did not go so well, yielding three goals in the loss.

A. I think this team can go very far. As the season has gone on, each game we have improved, and when the next game comes we set new standards. We have a difficult schedule, but we know that if we play at our top level, we can win every game from here on out. 

Q. As the goalie how frustrating is it to lose a game 1-0, like against No. 6 Amherst?

A. It is pretty frustrating to lose 1-0, especially when Amherst scored with only 10 minutes left. But as a goalie, I have learned that you need to forget about it, pump up the team and just worry about the rest of the game.

Q. What are the team goals for this season?

A. When goals are scored against us, it is not one person’s fault. The ball has to start at one point on the field and get through all of our players. It’s the whole team’s fault when we get scored on. Our defense as a whole is a brick wall, and if we play together not many more goals will be scored on us.

Q. Do you believe that this team can win the NEWMAC?

A. Yes, I most definitely think that we can win NEWMACs this year. If we play every game at our top level and our intensity, we can win the rest of the games on our schedule.

Jonathan Marerro, Football

On Opening Day freshman quarterback Jonathan Marrero was the third string quarterback for the Springfield College Pride football team. After starting quarterback Austin Bateman and second string quarterback Rob Merckling sustained injuries, Marrero was forced into action. In the third quarter, the score was 17-7 Springfield College when Merckling got hurt. Marrero came into the game as a freshman in the first Liberty League game for Springfield College and led the offense to two quick touchdowns to put the game away.This Saturday, he will be the starting quarterback as the Pride takes on Union.

Q. At 3-1 how far do you think this team can go?

A. This team is capable of winning it all. We have one goal, and it’s to be champions by the end of the season. We don’t expect anything less from ourselves or as a team

Q. What was it like as a freshman to come in to such a pressure situation?

A. As a freshman to come in at a time in the season where the rest of our games determine whether we make the playoffs or not is definitely a lot of pressure but nothing that will set me back. I’m read to step up and get the job done for my team.

Q. Are you ready and capable to start this week?

A. I am ready to start this week. Mentally, I have been doing a lot of work to study Union and what I’m going to expect in the game. I’m getting a lot of support from my coaches and teammates, things are falling into place little by little. It’s going to take a team effort to come out on top this Saturday; I’m just a piece to the puzzle.

Q. How much are you going to rely on your leaders in this game?

A. Every game is a big game. The leaders on the team always make sure we’re focused before play and in practice so nothing will change. It’s a team game; we have to rely on each other to do our job on and off the field.


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