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Athletes Talk About The Return of Spectators at Sporting Events

By Brady Cote


Students are excited to begin a new year; one that is inching its way to some normalcy as Covid-induced restrictions are lessening.

With the updated Covid-19 guidelines, students, staff and faculty are able to be maskless outside so long as they are vaccinated. However, masking indoors remains mandatory regardless of vaccination status.

Additionally, Springfield College is welcoming spectators back on campus to visit and cheer in the stands amongst students at sporting events. 

Although it has been a while since teams have had an audience in the bleachers cheering them on, they are excited to once again be surrounded by fans. Sophie Curcio, a runner on the women’s cross country team, is looking forward to having spectators on campus.

“Comfort-wise I think spectators should be allowed to visit campus and attend sporting events because it gives students and athletes a sense of normality and makes people more excited to be on campus,” Curcio said. “With the guidelines placed about masks, I think having spectators wear them indoors is a good thing. Although it is not ideal, it gives people comfort to be around others while still supporting students and athletes.”

Regarding the effectiveness of these guidelines, Curcio believes that they serve their purpose, as they not only make others feel comfortable with their surroundings, but they also allow the campus community to support the school simultaneously.

Spectators will abide by the same guidelines as the students while visiting campus or attending games. Kate Bonanno, a runner on the women’s cross country team, says she feels safe with spectators on campus, as the guidelines are reasonable.

“I think it is very safe to allow spectators at meets again as long as everyone either is vaccinated or abides by wearing a mask and socially distancing themselves if they are not yet fully vaccinated,” said Bonanno. “However, with other sports that play inside that attract lots of spectators, I think that it should be strongly recommended to every spectator that they are fully vaccinated before they attend any sporting events.”

Above all, student-athletes are just as excited to welcome their fans back to Alden Street, for their sheer presence makes an impact on the players. 

“The return of visitors excites me because the feeling of support, community, and togetherness is returning to campus,” said Bonanno. “As long as everyone that visits campus has the safety of each other in mind, I appreciate everything that Springfield has done in order to make it possible for us to feel safe and supported as the pandemic continues.”

It is clear to see that Springfield College is making great strides to bring back a sense of normalcy to the campus this semester. So long as the community and visitors protect the pride by wearing masks when it is required as well as abiding by the Covid-19 guidelines, Springfield is on track for a great fall semester.

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