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Athletic Training Club Lends a “Helping Hand” To Those In Need

Victor Barbosa

Staff Writer

The first annual Walk for Andrew’s Helping Hands will be taking place on Sunday, October 23, from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. on Blake Track.

The Springfield College Athletic Training Club is hosting the event, and they will be raising money for families who are paying for bone marrow transplants.

Junior Ellie Goldense is helping with the walk, and feels that the event will now be a yearly one.

“[Proceeds] go directly to paying their rent and electrical bills, so necessities that people don‘t think about on average days in life,” Goldense said. “We’re trying to support them. There’s a family, local in West Springfield, that we’re going to try and directly support.”

It is $5 to walk in the event, and any other donations are accepted.

“You can sign up in Cheney or the Union,” Goldense said. “Or you can come on Sunday and sign up then.”

This being Breast Cancer Awareness month, it is certainly important to help out those causes, but it is also nice to focus on smaller, lesser known illnesses which need assistance as well.

“It’s a small organization, but they’re trying to build it up because it is unfortunately a common disease,” Goldense said. “We’re trying to get as much money as we can to help families pay for medical bills,and their house bills.

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